new valorant battle pass
Courtesy of @ValorLeaks

The new episode of Valorant commences days from now, on the 18th of October, along with the release of Agent Harbor. While Agent Harbor seems to have acquired the focus of the large player base, let’s not forget about some of the other changes brought forth in patch 5.08.

Like the battle pass of every other episode, this one too will contain a unique collection of cosmetic “skins” for your weapons and other items like player cards and weapon buddies. Above that, there is also to be a much-needed change in the UI of Valorant (the current UI looks old and clunky in my opinion).

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This battle pass actually features some really good-looking skins (along with some not-so-good-looking ones) and some really well-designed player cards. But well, ultimately we all ask the same question: “will it really be worth it to spend 1000 Valorant Points on this new battle pass?” The answer to that can be different, and highly subjective; the skins, however, are not.

We will feature the main skin lines along with some other good-looking cosmetic items to help you make better decisions. All credit to @ValorLeaks on Twitter for the featured skins.

The player cards in the new battle pass

Valorant episode 3 battle pass player cards
Courtesy of @ValorLeaks

Before we jump into the details of the skins, let’s have a look at the very unique and well-made player cards in this episode’s battle pass.

The skin lines in the new battle pass

We shall feature the new skin series one at a time. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a good ride. I shall save the best for the last, so make sure to read till the end. 

Rune Stone skin line

Valorant battle pass skins
Courtesy of @ValorLeaks

This skin line features the Bulldog, the Marshall, the Odin, and the Shorty. Personally, I quite like the combination of black and gold, particularly the marshall looks really good to me. That said, I must admit that these are probably not going to be the best-looking skins out there. 

Starlit Odyssey skin line

Valorant new battle pass skins
Courtesy of @ValorLeaks

Featuring the Ghost, the Spectre, the Guardian, and the Vandal, this series is definitely one of the better-looking ones. Each skin has four variants: Twilight, Sunset, Midnight, and the original. The stars near the handle are moving in this skin series. 

Iridian Thorn skin line 

Valorant battle pass skins
Courtesy of @ValorLeaks

In my opinion, these are the best-looking skins in this battle pass. It features the Bucky, the Judge, the Sheriff, the Operator, and the melee weapon. Riot has surely released worse-looking skins in premium bundles costing thousands of Valorant Points. The unique design of the weapons and the finish that changes color when the light hits it differently makes up for the lack of skin variants in this series.

The melee (Iridian Thorn Blade) 

valorant battle pass melee
Courtesy of @ValorLeaks

As I said, I had saved the best for the last. Definitely, one of the better-looking melee weapons out there, even though it does not have any unique animations. Overall, I think that the Iridian Thorn series with some help from the player cards and the valuable Radianite Points (which you need to unlock to different skin variants) make the battle pass worth it. 

The UI change in patch 5.08

Valorant UI change
Courtesy of @ValorLeaks

As mentioned before, Valorant is replacing its clunky old UI with a sleek new look that has the player base on its toes. The image below shows just how sweet the new UI looks. Personally, I can’t wait for this particular change to happen.

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All of this, along with Agent Harbor comes in patch 5.08 the next Tuesday. This has to be one of the most exciting updates in recent valorant. We haven’t received such a big update in Valorant since the release of the eighth map Pearl back in June. Are you excited to play this new patch of Valorant? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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