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Valorant kicked things off in Episode 6 Act 1 with an all-new Battle Pass, skin line, and map. If you’ve already played a few games on the new map, you may find yourself having difficulties finding the best agent in Valorant to use when you queue on Lotus. Valorant’s character roster is growing with each patch and with arrival of the new map, we’ve rounded up a list of the best agents to pick when playing on Lotus. Stay with us!

How to win on Lotus with the Best Valorant Agents

If you’re already familiar with the agents in Valorant, there are four Classes: Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels. The key to winning matches in Valorant is having a perfect team composition with one player choosing from each of the Classes.

Valorant Lotus competitive play
image courtesy of Youtube Channel of Valorant

Since Lotus is a new map, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by how big the map is. We should also consider the introduction of new features like the breakable wall separating A and B sites, and the automatic doors that can be heard across the map when activated. Because of that, we came up with a list of the best agents to use if you want to win on Valorant’s Lotus.

Best Duelists for Lotus

The best Duelists to use on this map are the following:

  • Jett
  • Neon
  • Yoru


Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Does it make sense when we say Lotus is both big and restricted at the same time? What we mean by this is that given Lotus’ layout in Valorant, clashes are bound to happen sooner or later. If you are an aggressive player, Jett is the right agent for this map as you can make use of the elevated spots found on Lotus.


Another one of the best agents you can use on Valorant’s Lotus is Neon. It is undeniably a large map that makes rotating from one site to another a big challenge. To resolve this, you should have someone as speedy as Neon on your team.

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

If you use her, you can choose to lurk around the map while your team pushes a certain site. Her abilities will allow her to catch up with the team if the enemies are being too aggressive.


Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Since his release, Yoru and his mains have proven that they are a menace on the battlefield. Similar to Neon, you can use Yoru to lurk around the map. Just make sure to utilize his abilities and we’re sure your opponents will be scrambling and having a hard time fighting your team off.

Best Controllers

You’re going to lose on Lotus if you don’t have a Controller on your team. You should consider how big the map is and also the possibility of enemies hiding in corners. One of the best counters for this is deploying smokes. Here are the best Controllers to use on Valorant’s Lotus:

  • Harbor
  • Omen
  • Viper


The top agent pick for Lotus is Harbor, regardless if we are talking about roles or not. In the previews leading up to the latest episode in Valorant, Harbor (and Astra) was at the forefront of everything so it would only make sense that his kit is one of the most suitable kits for playing on Lotus.

Valorant How to win on Lotus Best Agents + Tips and Tricks - Harbor
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

If you are able to utilize his abilities, winning on Lotus will be a breeze. However, the most important detail about Lotus is how small the sites are. They are small enough for Harbor’s Ultimate Ability to cover every inch, effectively pushing enemies away from the site whether you are attacking or defending.


The second best Controller you can use on Lotus is Omen. Whatever team comp you and your friends are going after, Omen is sure to fit in with no difficulties. By utilizing his teleporting and smoking abilities, you’ll be able to catch your opponents off-guard.

Valorant How to win on Lotus Best Agents + Tips and Tricks - Omen
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Some of the recommended things you can do with Omen on Lotus is to hide in the cubbies by teleporting. His smokes can also make a huge difference in providing cover for allies if you are planting, or blocking the enemies’ view if you need to defuse the spike.


Unlike Harbor and Omen with the numerous covers they can offer, using Viper on Lotus would have players rely heavily on post-plants. What this means is you’ll need the perfect line-ups for her Snakebite in order to repel any defenders trying to defuse the spike.

Valorant How to win on Lotus Best Agents + Tips and Tricks - Viper
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

As for defending, you should always aim to charge up Viper’s Ultimate Ability since it will be able to cover most parts of the three sites.

Best Initiators

The best Initiators to clear sites or get enemies out of their hiding spots are the following agents in Valorant:

  • Breach
  • Fade


Breach always comes in clutch especially if the enemy team is being too aggressive to your own liking. To counter the over-the-top aggression, you can use Breach’s abilities to slow down enemies and stop them from pushing your team.

Valorant How to win on Lotus Best Agents + Tips and Tricks - Breach
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Moreover, Breach’s Ultimate Ability is perfect whether you are attacking or defending.


Valorant How to win on Lotus Best Agents + Tips and Tricks - Fade
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

You will need recon on this site because of how large it is. You can’t just push in headfirst without any preparations, which is where Fade comes into play. Using her recon abilities to track down your opponents’ positions is vital in either retaking or pushing a site.

Best Sentinels

For the final class you’ll want to have on Valorant’s Lotus, you need a Sentinel on your team. Unfortunately, there is only one Sentinel we think is the best agent to use on this map:

  • Killjoy


Sentinels will have a hard time defending Lotus as it is big and enemies can attack from all sides. Fortunately, Killjoy can cut off access for one site with a perfect set-up. Because of this, other agents on her team can focus on defending the other two sites while Killjoy does her thing alone.

Valorant How to win on Lotus Best Agents + Tips and Tricks - Killjoy
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

You also won’t have a hard time finding the perfect spot to place Killjoy’s Lockdown if you need to retake or execute on a particular site. There are plenty of corners and walls that will make it impossible for enemies to destroy it.

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Hopefully, this guide helped you in finding the best agents to use on the newest map in Valorant, Lotus. Do you have other recommended agents for this map? Let us know in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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