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With the arrival of a new act in Valorant, it’s only right for Riot to release a new bundle that will surely have players swiping their cards left and right. If you’ve already seen the teasers for the new Arcade bundle in Valorant, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. Hopefully, you’ll get the answer you need in this article as we lay out the release date, price, and other details on Valorant’s new Arcade bundle. Stay with us!

What is the Arcade bundle in Valorant?

News of the upcoming skin line in Valorant first started making rounds on Twitter after leaks came out. Following the leaks, the official Twitter account for the game posted a teaser of Gekko looking into a dusty chest. It seems Riot really wants to up their game once Episode 6 Act 3 goes live.

  • Originally referred to as the Arcade bundle in Valorant, the devs have officially announced that it will be called the Radiant Entertainment System.
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  • This is obviously a reference to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and rightfully so, as the skins in this bundle are focused on retro gaming.

  • It is also said to be one of the “most ambitious skin lines in Valorant”. This skin line stands apart from the others because of how interactive it can get. From flashy finishers to impressive inspect animations… Riot definitely cooked with this one.
  • According to information shared by leakers, this bundle is the most expensive skin line in the history of Valorant. It might even beat Zedd’s Spectrum collaboration with Riot!

Weapons included in the bundle

If you’re thinking of buying a bundle in Valorant, one of the things you need to consider are the weapons included. For the Radiant Entertainment System (Arcade) bundle, you get the usual five skins. Here are all the weapons getting skins in this bundle:

  • Ghost
  • Bulldog
  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Melee
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Each one will have creative finishers that look like they’re straight out of a retro game. The bundle also includes three playercards, gun buddies, and a themed spray. Riot designed each card after the arcade games existing in the Valorant universe.

  • K.nock O.ut!! Card
  • Dance Fever Card
  • Bazooka Badger Card

Release date and price

Interested Valorant players won’t have to wait any longer for Riot to drop the Arcade bundle. It is set to release along with the big update coming later this week, April 25, 2023. While it is still unreleased, there isn’t any official confirmation from Riot regarding its price.

However, leakers are already claiming that this is the most expensive bundle in Valorant history. One of the most reliable leakers in the community shared that the entire bundle costs 11,900 VP.

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If you don’t want to get the entire bundle, there is also the option for you to purchase the skins individually. Here are the speculated prices for everything included in the bundle:

  • Weapons (Guns Only) – 2,975 VP
  • Melee (Power Fist) – 5,950 VP
  • Sprays – 375 VP
  • Gun Buddies – 475 VP
  • Playercards – 375 VP

Is the new Arcade bundle worth it?

Now that you’ve learned about the possible price of this bundle, there is definitely one question lingering in your mind. Is the new Arcade bundle in Valorant worth it?

  • There is no denying that the Arcade bundle is one of the most creative and exciting skin lines to release in Valorant so far. The flashy colors and overall retro style appeals the most to gamers who grew up with retro games.

  • It doesn’t help that looking at the skins also hit us with that sudden wave of nostalgia. Back when the best graphics video gaming systems could offer were in pixels, Valorant’s Arcade bundle brings back a lot of fun memories.
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  • Even though the price tag on the bundle is nearly 12,000 VP, you’re surely getting your money’s worth with what’s included. The amount of detail in each skin is impressive, and it only goes to show that the art department in Valorant took their time to perfect this skin line.

  • On the other hand, it might not be a practical way of spending your money. You’re instantly blowing over $100 USD on Valorant skins if you choose to get this bundle. Plus, there is still the Radianite Points you need to consider if you want to fully upgrade each skin in the bundle.
  • If you are more than willing to splurge over $100 USD on virtual skins in a game, then it is definitely worth it. Keep in mind that skins from this bundle won’t appear in future Night Markets as it belongs to the Ultra tier.

The Finishers are also very exciting and fun to look at. If you unlock the upgrades, you’re in for a treat once you score the last kill in a round. Check out some of the Finishers for the Phantom in Valorant’s new Arcade bundle!

Bazooka Badger Phantom

K.nock O.ut!! Phantom

Dance Fever Phantom

We hope this guide helped you in deciding whether you should get the new Arcade bundle in Valorant.

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Do you think it’s worth spending almost 12,000 VP on a single bundle? Which Finisher was your favorite in Valorant’s new Arcade bundle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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