Lotus – chronologically the ninth map to be released for Valorant, is also the game’s second three-site map. There has been quite a pending hype for this map. So, is Lotus available in competitive mode?

Firstly, Lotus is home to a wide variety of features that spans the entire map. Following a similar dynamics to Haven, Lotus has an ultimate orb that can be found at mid.

Valorant Lotus – Everything we know so far

When did Lotus Map release and where is it available?

This latest VALORANT Map was loaded on January 10. This marked the onset of Episode Six of Valorant. As it stands, it isn’t the case that Lotus is available in competitive mode. Neither is it available for tournaments, or for organizers to host.

As of now, Lotus is only available in the Swiftplay queue.


Valorant Lotus Competitive Play
The rotating doorways, image courtesy of Youtube Channel of Valorant

Rotating Doorways in Lotus

  1. What will catch your eye is also the rotating doorways feature. The way the door revolves is that by using a toggle button, the doorways can be activated. Once activated, the doorways take a 180-degree turn, connecting with a doorway from another site.
  2. When the doorways are connecting, forming a bridge – players can pass through to the other site. Although the ‘bridge’ only stays for a temporary time period and must be utilized as soon as possible.

There are other ways that allow players to jump through to other sites. A rope ascender that can take players from A Site to A Top. 

The lore surrounding Valorant: Lotus Map

image courtesy of Youtube Channel of Valorant
  • What might fascinate you, even more, is the lore that surrounds LOTUS. The name of the map refers to a particular flower that’s very well endowed in the local heritage and culture of India. As such, even the official lore describes map Lotus to be situated in the Western Ghats of Omega Earth’s India.
Valorant Lotus competitive play
image courtesy of Youtube Channel of Valorant

As indicated by the name, the map is a “City of Flowers” built by ancient guardians ages ago. The agents of Valorant Legion are hell-bent on powering up the nexus that lies within the city.

Endangering agents of Alpha Earth’s Valorant Protocol. Because the activation caused by the City’s alpha part may risk millions of people on Alpha.

When will Lotus be available for Competitive Play?

Valorant Lotus in Competitive Play
image courtesy of Youtube Channel of Valorant

Valorant will see Lotus Competitive Play open after a week of its release. For the duration of the opening week (January 10-16), it will remain in the Swiftplay queue only.

From January 17, players can rank up Lotus Map in Competitive Play. That means professional leagues hosting tournaments can also possibly include the map within their map rounds if they wish to. But expect not to see the map anywhere before February.


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