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Fans are eager to know the latest update about the upcoming Valorant Mobile Closed Beta. And we have all the details so far from the devs and other sources. Feel free to add any info in case we missed something. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed playing the popular 5v5 tactical first-person shooter game on the original PC, you might be interested in learning when VALORANT Mobile will be released.

Valorant Mobile Closed Beta – What We Know So Far

As Riot Games has already announced, VALORANT Mobile will soon be available. VALORANT executive producer Anna Donlon noted that the developers are eager to soon provide the same competitive VALORANT experience to even more international players, while the information is currently being kept hidden (at least for now).

Growing Esports Scene

Riot’s ambitious aspirations to develop a mobile version of the game are not surprising given the enormous success of VALORANT and the expanding Esports scene. Riot is likely to release VALORANT Mobile in a similar fashion to other well-known shooter games like Call of Duty and Apex Legends.

Possible 2022 Release Date + Beta Coming Soon

Shaun Weber, a leaker, claims that VALORANT Mobile’s closed beta will start in a few countries in July. Further information would be made public soon.

  • Riot hasn’t officially announced a release date for VALORANT Mobile yet, despite recent updates suggesting a potential 2022 release.
  • However, VALORANT Mobile’s beta version is anticipated to be released very soon.
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The existence of VALORANT Mobile has previously been verified by Riot’s Anna Donlon. According to the executive producer, VALORANT’s second full year in 2022 should see the release of the much-awaited mobile game.

Open Beta Possibly Coming Last Quarter of 2022 / Early 2023

Riot General Manager Justin Hulog stated that Southeast Asia would be the region to receive the mobile version first in a July 2021 interview with ONE Esports (SEA).

  • Going out in Southeast Asia initially makes sense in many respects, according to Hulog.
  • However, there are also specific difficulties and very high standards for how a game should function on mobile. This can mean that the developers initially consider other locations that are less demanding.
  • One of the benefits of not going first is that it gives the creators time to iron out the flaws. Whether it comes first is a decision that the devs need to make.
    • Hulog continued, highlighting the benefits of a later release,VALORANT Mobile is going to have a really big focus in Southeast Asia just because of the fact that it is a mobile-first region”

Does VALORANT Mobile have a trailer yet?

It will probably be a while until Riot produces an official trailer for VALORANT Mobile because the open beta hasn’t started yet. However, online leaks of gameplay videos from the game’s alpha test have given fans a sneak peek at the VALORANT Mobile’s user interface.

System Requirements

According to @VALORANTMobile0, Valorant Mobile app size will be 1.8GB. As soon as updates and additional maps come, it’ll be requiring more memory from your phone so save up some space.

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