When is Counter-Strike 2 releasing?

CS2 cover art in blue

Counter-Strike 2 has been officially set to release in Summer 2023 window. Usually, the season lasts around July to August, so it is expected to be released during that. However, this is only a speculation and Valve might decide to tweak the schedule later on.

CS2 will be deployed as an upgrade package to Counter-Strike Global Offensive and will run on Source 2 engine. In short, the upgrade will bring in a plethora of visual changes, alongside core gameplay tweaks, including the smoke system.

There is also a newly added 128-tick server, which will replace the older 64-tick servers for more impactful matches. All of these new additions in CS2 will be explained in the section below.

Everything new about Counter-Strike 2

First off, Counter-Strike 2 is developed on the Source 2 engine, which has been awaited for a long time. It is known for being optimized extremely well, while delivering high-tier graphical output. Additionally, the physics system in the new engine is also improved a lot, which was highlighted during the CS2 reveal.

Counter-Strike 2 will also equip a 128-tick server, which is used at highly competitive levels. The usage was implemented in Valorant first and will be added to CS2 as well. With a higher tick count, servers will be able to register player interactions more accurately and give a smoother gaming experience.

Smoke grenades will also see changes in Counter-Strike 2, as they will use volumetrics in a different way. For the first time in gaming history, they will react to bullets and explosions, making them open to alteration. Players can use this mechanic to their advantage to create different plays depending on the situation.

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