JoJo Siwa plays practical jokes on fans by posting a photo that suggests she is pregnant
JoJo Siwa plays practical jokes on fans by posting a photo that suggests she is pregnant (Image courtesy-

Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa is a popular American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTuber, and there have recently been rumors that she is pregnant.

Siwa recently took to social media to share a story about her bare belly, showing that she had a slightly bloated tummy. She was lying on her back, one hand directly beneath her stomach.

The caption for the post read – “Team BOY or Team GIRL.”

Following this, she went viral on social media after seemingly announcing her pregnancy. Many people were surprised given her young age and the fact that she had never expressed an interest in having children in the past. However, the dancer was joking because she is not actually pregnant and was simply displaying her bloated stomach after eating some food.

JoJo Siwa isn’t really pregnant, fans react to her post

Netizens speculate that JoJo Siwa might be pregnant
Netizens speculate that JoJo Siwa might be pregnant (Image courtesy-

“JoJo” Siwa recently addressed the ongoing pregnancy rumors that have been circulating online and provided clarity on the matter via her TikTok account. She stated that she received the good news after finishing her gymnastics routine, confirming that she is not currently pregnant.

The rumors started when JoJo Siwa posted a photo of her pregnancy test on Instagram, prompting fans to speculate about the news. Despite the fact that the “news” was false, a fan posted a video confirming her pregnancy.

There is no doubt that the adolescent is not pregnant. After flaunting her stomach in one social media story, she followed up with another post showcasing her toned body, where the bloating belly had vanished. The photo appears to have been taken following a workout.

The post confirms that JoJo Siwa is not pregnant. If she was, her belly would not have shrunk after a workout.

In the alleged pregnancy post, she also attached a sticker that read “Food Baby,” assuring followers that she was not really pregnant. The online personality simply joked about looking like it after eating. Furthermore, she herself went on TikTok and debunked the rumors. 

The reality star, 19, from Nebraska, is best known for her appearance on Dance Moms and has over 43 million Instagram followers. “Apparently, I’m pregnant, God, I love TikTok,she seemed really amused as she told her followers.

How did social media users react to the post?

Fans later realize that she was joking
Fans later realize that she was joking (Image courtesy- Disney)

According to the confusion that has swept social media, it appears that many of JoJo Siwa’s fans failed to realize that she was only joking in her Instagram post. They rushed to Twitter to see if she was pregnant.

People started commenting things like, “went from beefing with da baby to having da baby.”


One fan who was aware of the joke talked about how people thought she was pregnant because she “made toasts w water instead of wine.” He pointed out that she did this because she is under the legal age for drinking.

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