After GameStop, Best Buy, and Sam’s Club, it’s time for Target to drop some PS5s. A PS5 Restock at Target is coming up and here’s everything you need to know.

Thanks to my friend Jake Randall for the information, as always.

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According to him, Target stores across the United States have enough stock to have a PS5 restock either on October 22 or the coming Wednesday, i.e., October 27. He writes, “There is a high chance they will do so tomorrow” indicating a restock on October 22.

Jake cites Wednesday as a possibility because “the shipments are ongoing through Sunday & even though they had enough stock to drop 2 Fridays ago, they waited until the following Wednesday to get more inventory to their stores.”

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If there’s a restock, it could happen between 6 AM – 9 AM EST with the timeframe of 7 AM – 8 AM EST being the most common.

Other time zones –

  • 3 AM PT – 6 AM PT (most commonly 4 AM PT – 5 AM PT)
  • 5 AM CST – 8 AM CST (most commonly 6 AM CST – 7 AM CST)


The restock will be online-only with in-store pickup, no shipping.


Here’s a proof of stock available at Target stores –

PS5 Restock At Target Coming Up Full Details Inside
Courtesy of Jake Randall

Before any restock, Target updates their PS5 product page almost 20-60 minutes prior. So, if a restock is happening, you’ll have enough time to wake up and prepare for the digital battle against other people trying to secure the PS5.

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