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Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) has become one of the most wanted things this Holiday season. Due to Sony’s lack of communication regarding stocks and drops, a majority of people are in the dark. Amidst all of this, services like BrickSeek have been of great help to people. The same, however, won’t be showing PS5 stock results anymore upon the retailers’ request.

According to BrickSeek, retailers have requested them to disable search results for new consoles. This goes for both the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S. In a tweet, BrickSeek’s Head of Customer Succes and Communities, John writes, “At the request of the retailers, search results for new consoles have been disabled. To check inventory for this item, please visit your local stores in the mornings. Please remember to always be respectful to store employees! Good luck everyone!”

We reached out to John to have a better understanding of the issue. He told us that the retailers mentioned here are Walmart and Target respectively. He, however, mentions that they’re trying to find alternatives to the situation.

“We are trying to find a way to help people locate the consoles while respecting the retailers’ request,” John told us.

Over hundreds and thousands of people across the United States were tracking the PS5 on BrickSeek. The website allows people to search for the PS5 SKU (stock keeping unit), which shows them the number of units available in their nearest Walmart stores.

Walmart has been doing a lot of early morning walk-ins. People who found out about the stocks at their closest Walmart stores went out and camped outside these stores for a stretch of more than 7-10 hours.

Some stores have had over 60 people at a time camping outside these stores for a chance to take the PS5 home with them. “I think it’s important not only to help find these items, which oftentimes is a deal in and of itself but also to find savings on other related items like controllers, chargers, headsets, games, etc.,” John tells us.

“We try to provide people with real-time inventory tracking for items at local stores so that they can add those items to their shopping lists and make effective trips to the stores to maximize their time and their savings.”

Regarding a better alternative, while respecting retailers’ requests, John says, “[We] still have to brainstorm ways to help people without upsetting any retailers, which might be difficult to do.”

While we wait for BrickSeek to find a solution and workaround the retailers’ request, we have a suggestion as to how you can stay informed about the latest PS5 restocks and drops.

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