Previously cancelled military shooter action game Six Days in Falluja is being brought back to life by newly formed video game publisher Victura – headed by Peter Tamte, the founder of Destineer, a leading video game publisher during the late 2000s, and Macsoft, which was the world’s number one publisher of Macintosh games and consumer productivity software during the 1990s.

The game which was being developed by Atomic Games (which ceased operations in 2011) in 2009, was trashed by Japanese publisher Konami after it was tangled in a controversy involving British war veterans who had condemned it for both glorifying and trivialising the war.

The game is being developed by Highwire Games, a small team of video game industry veterans. The company was founded by Jaime Griesemer, the lead designer of the original Halo and Destiny games, Marty O’Donnell, who was audio director and composer for Halo and Destiny, and Jared Noftle, co-founder of Airtight Games (ceased operation in 2014).

According to an official press release, Six Days in Falluja recounts the horrors that transpired during the Second Battle of Falluja by telling stories of Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians who fought Al Qaeda during the toughest urban battle since 1968. In the game players will lead a fireteam through real-life encounters enabled by unique technology that simulates the uncertainty and tactics of urban combat.

“It’s hard to understand what combat is actually like through fake people doing fake things in fake places,” says Peter Tamte, CEO of Victura. “This generation showed sacrifice and courage in Iraq as remarkable as any in history. And now they’re offering the rest of us a new way to understand one of the most important events of our century. It’s time to challenge outdated stereotypes about what video games can be.”

The Second Battle of Falluja brought untold destruction to civilian life and property in Iraq in 2004 and was the aftermath of the execution of four Blackwater private military personnel and five US military soldiers by Iraqi insurgents, which culminated in the First Battle of Falluja. It was originally a joint offensive launched by Iraq, US and the UK after a failed attempt to reclaim the city of Falluja and put an end to militancy in the area.


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