Devil May Cry 5 Senior Producer Is Excited As “DMC is BACK!”


As we grew up, some of the most iconic and evergreen titles always remained in our hearts. No matter how profoundly we fall in love with new releases, these games just don’t seem to leave our memory. One good example of such is the Devil May Cry series. The series is making a return after five years and Senior Producer Michiteru Okabe seems intriguingly excited. “DMC is BACK!”, he exclaimed in joy.

In an interview published on Capcom Investor Relations website, Okabe shares fascinating details about DMC5’s development, the process and how the series has sustained itself since its inception 18 years ago.

Devil May Cry 5’s development begun right after the release of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. Game Director Hideaki Itsuno, who has been a part of the series, established a concrete vision right in the initial stage of development. He visioned three playable characters, Nero as the protagonist, and the game starting from the loss of his right arm.

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Mr Intsuno is well-known for his commendable knowledge in creating competitive action games, injecting arcade-style presentation and control schemes that gave birth to the style and infrastructure of the DMC series.

DMC5 sets several years after the proper DMC4, offering a gripping tale full of characters with important roles, including Dante and Nero. The game will offer stunning visuals, “characters with a wealth of expressions” and a greatly immersive experience.

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For DMC5, Capcom has utilised the latest technological advancements, generating photorealistic expressions, through their development engine, RE ENGINE. “Actors bearing a close resemblance to the character images were hired overseas, clothed in original costumes and makeup, and incorporated as 3D data via 3D scanning systems. We also employed 3Lateral’s techniques to craft characters with a wealth of expressions.”

Capcom is also planning to release new videos introducing other starring characters as well as those that demonstrate the action at the center of the game. As for promotion, Okabe says, “we’ve really gone all in on this one.”

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The team behind Devil May Cry 5 has put a massive emphasis on the visuals, fluid gameplay mechanics and facial expressions, as the game relies ” solely on character expressions to tell the story.”

“The entire team dedicated themselves to raising the quality of the visuals and action beyond expectations, in the hopes of creating the greatest action game of the modern era”, Okabe says.

In the end, he puts a full-stop to his interview with, “DMC is BACK!”

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