Fortnite World Cup Dates, Times And Links To See The Final

As we all know, the Fortnite World Cup finals will be broadcast this weekend. The best players from around the world will compete for a staggering prize pool (as many as ten million dollars for each individual winner, both in single and in duos). It is a great event and certainly, fans will want to follow it live. How to do it? Let’s find out together.

Fortnite World Cup links to stream:

To start, you can follow the event via the official Fortnite streaming channels. Here are all the useful links:

Can I watch the Fortnite World Cup even while I play?

Yes, you can watch the World Cup during a game session thanks to the PiP function. To assist, just enter the lobby and press the “Watch Now” button at the top right. After an upload, you will be able to watch the video in streaming.

You can also view the actions of a specific player. Just enter the competition board of the gaming lobby on PC, Xbox One or PS4 and select the leaderboard to see the classified participants. From here you access the replays of the selected player. No subtitles or captions will be available. The audio will be in English. Obviously, if you watch the live while playing, you will hear both audios.

Days and times of the event:

The Fortnite World Cup is divided into three days, from 26 to 28 July. Let’s see the precise timetables, day by day.

26 July – day 1

  • 15.30: Fan Festival start: Doors open
  • 17.30: Stadium – Opening doors
  • 18.30: Creative Final Start of the show
  • 19.00: Creative Final Start matches
  • 22.00: Celebrity Pro-Am Start of the show
  • 00.00: Door closing – Entry prohibited
  • 00.45: Fan Festival Closing
  • 01.00: End of show
  • 01.45: Stadium closure

27 July – day 2

  • 15.30: Fan Festival start: Doors open
  • 18.30: Couples, final Start preshow
  • 19.00: Couples, final Start matches
  • 22.00: Door closing – Entry prohibited
  • 22.45: Couples, final Ceremony couples winners
  • 02.00: Fan Festival Closing and Stadium Closing

28 July – day 3

  • 15.30: Fan Festival start: Doors open
  • 18.30: Single final Start of the show
  • 19.00: Single final Start of matches
  • 22.00: Door closing – Entry prohibited
  • 22.45: Single final Ceremony couples winners
  • 00.00: Fan Festival Closing and Stadium Closing

Tell us, will you follow this ending? Who are the favorites to win, in your opinion?


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