Genshin Impact: Inazuma Map Reveal + All New Details!

The highly anticipated Inazuma continent is nearly here, and Genshin 2.0 is just around the corner. The Genshin Impact interactive map on Appsample recently added several key Inazuma locations. On the map, gamers will discover three Statues of the Seven, six domains, and one Electroculus. Let’s take a closer look!

Inazuma Map

  • Inazuma appears to be smaller than the other Teyavat regions, but it’s probable that more isles would be out in future installments. Irrespective, Inazuma seems to be sufficient enough to hold gamers occupied for a long time!

  • There have been more particular leaks about the latest domains in Inazuma. One will provide talent books, weapon ascension materials, and artifacts for each of the six new domains.
  • The map’s remaining three-domain indicators could be one-time prize domains or weekly bosses. The domains of Inazuma are also conceptually distinct from those of Genshin Impact right now.
  • The purple symbol represents one Electroculus. Of course, as with other “-oculus” objects in Genshin Impact, gamers in Inazuma will almost certainly be able to gather more than one Electroculus.

New Items

  • Although no indicators appear yet, Appsample’s Inazuma identifies eight local ingredients. In a previous HoYoLAB blog post, miHoYo verified the existence of Onikabuto, Dendrobium, Naku Weed, and Lavender Melon.
  • Sakura Blooms are listed in the article as well, and it appears that gamers can gather them in order to gain favor in Inazuma. Additionally, Sakura Blooms could be linked to the speculated Sacred Sakura Tree, which can be leveled up for prizes.


  • In the highly anticipated release of Genshin 2.0, three Inazuma natives will be playable characters. As soon as the Genshin 2.0 version is added on July 21, Ayaka’s banner will commence (or July 20 depending on your region).
  • Following that will be Yoimiya’s banner, which will feature Sayu. According to rumors, Ayaka’s banner will showcase Ninguang, Yanfei, and Chongyun.

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