Hogwarts Legacy: Can you change appearance mid-game?

Every wizard student in Hogwarts has a customizable appearance that differentiates the students from each other. In Hogwarts Legacy, before going into the adventure in the 1800s Hogwarts, you can create and style the student you to become… you! Get your facial features, skin complexion, and body shape, to bring yourself present in the wizarding world. Hmm, how about having to change your appearance mid-game in Hogwarts Legacy, would that be possible? Here’s what we know about that case, read more below!

Change your Hogwarts Legacy appearance

Hogwarts Legacy Change Appearance, character
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For starters, Hogwarts Legacy players can customize their characters based on how they want them to look. You may base them on your favorite actor, favorite K-pop idol, or simply you as a student of Hogwarts.

  • At the start of the game, the Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator begins right away. You may be unhappy with your character’s hair when the game progresses, and it’s fine. You don’t need to worry as these aspects can still be changed throughout the game.
  • In an unfortunate circumstances, you cannot undo all the character decisions you made. Sure, you may change a few of the physical appearance, the clothes, but changing has limitations as well. Some changes remain permanent until the end of the game, let’s take a look at them.

Permanent character features in Hogwarts Legacy

Certainly, customization is all fun until you knew that some features cannot be changed. Don’t worry, in case you haven’t started your adventure yet, here’s what you need to know about character creation. However, if you began yours, still keep in mind these following appearance changes you cannot move mid-game.

  • These following features cannot be changed once you decided from the start. Make sure these features would satisfy you with the character you play in Hogwarts Legacy.
    • Body shape
    • Dormitory Type, whether Witch or Wizard
    • Face shape
    • Facial features like scars, markings, freckles, or moles
    • Skin color
    • Voice tone

What can you change?

Character Creation, hogwarts legacy
Image Courtesy of Avalanche Software
  • Nope, don’t feel sad, there are plenty of revisions you can during mid-game make with your character in Hogwarts Legacy. While sticking to the permanent features, below should be the list of what you can change in the game.
    • Eye color
    • Eye shape
    • Eyebrow shape and color
    • Hairstyle and color
    • Skin complexion
    • Voice pitch
  • Aside from these, you can have additional accessories for your character too. Customization gears like glasses, and robes can be changed in the game. If you feel like changing your whole outfit you can!


How to change your appearance?

How to change appearance mid-game, hogwarts legacy
Photo Courtesy of Avalanche Software
  • At Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy, you can visit various shops that cater to almost anything. To change your character appearance, just visit a hairdresser. Where to find one? Just head to Hogsmeade and search for Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium. To navigate it on the Hogwarts Legacy map, look for an icon of a pair of scissors.
  • On the other hand, if you want to change your outfits and gears, then you should simply head to the Wizard’s Field Guide which you acquired early on in the game. Once you head into the pause screen, change your outfit on the Gear tab. Freely choose any gears that you unlocked as you progressed, that’s it!

Does changing appearance in Hogwarts Legacy have a price?

  • Fortunately, if you plan to only change your outfits and add gears, you don’t need to worry about Gold Galleons. As long as you have the item unlocked, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want, free of charge.
  • But, we can’t say the same for other features of your characters. If you wish to change appearance at Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium in Hogwarts Legacy, of course, she has to do business. Don’t worry, you’ll be needing 20 Gold Galleons for each character feature you wish to change in the game.

That’s all about the character’s appearance changing mid-game in Hogwarts Legacy, let us know how your character’s style looks!

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