Marvel’s Avengers: Can You Play It “Totally Single Player Offline”?

Square Enix’s E3 2019 Press Conference concluded with the cinematic reveal of Marvel’s Avengers, a brand new Avengers game, currently in development under Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. In a Q&A session today, the development team assured players that most of the game can be played totally in the single player mode.

The panel host asked, “Can one play the game totally single player offline rather than online?” to which, the team answered, “You can play just about everything by yourself if you want to. I encourage you to play with your buddies. It’s so much more fun in multiplayer. But yeah, most of this stuff you can play by yourself.”

We also got some hints at how the multiplayer mode works in the game.

“We have a really robust campaign that you can play through,” the team said. “You’re going to play on different levels as different superheroes to further the narrative. We’re going to have a base of operations that you’re going to be able to go off and play multiplayer levels or come back to the campaign.”

“There’s a huge world to explore. From that base of operation, you go through many different places. We’re excited to show you all the cool places you can go to. It was way too big to complain in one space, it’s multiple different areas and takes the Avengers all over the place.”

Further, the team confirmed that each Avenger will have their own skill tree and levelling up options. Players can customise their Avengers with different costumes and gears.

“There’s absolutely levelling up,” the team said. “Each character gets their own skill tree. What makes it cool is the way you level your character may be different than the way I level mine. I can’t go into a lot of details right now, but imagine this: your Captain America can do melee and range, you might focus more on the range, I might focus more on melee, my gear set could be different, my skills could be different and my outfit could be different as well. When you play you get an experience tailored to what you like.”

“You can customize your hero with costumes,” they added. “We’ve got lots of costumes to choose from for your specific hero, you can customize your skills and the gear that you play with. Some heroes that in some instances don’t have a helmet with their costume might have a helmet with another costume. You never know, there’s a lot of variety. While it’s our own take on the Avengers, we’re collaborating with Marvel directly to make these characters come to life so they’re going to feel familiar and you’re going to see that they play the way that you’d expect.”

With time, Marvel’s Avengers will receive updates, say, new regions and new heroes at no additional cost. Square Enix is planning for a story-driven experience with GAAS elements. “It’s absolutely a story driven game and it’s going to keep evolving even after launch,” the team said. “A cool thing about this game is you’re going to see new heroes being released, you’re going to see new regions at no additional fee.”

Players will have totally different experiences based on the Avenger they’ll play as. The team commented, “Yeah, there are places where you can run through a mission with one character and then play it again with another character for a different experience. The Iron Man and Hulk experience might be pretty different.”

PS4 players will get early beta although beta will be available on all four platforms, i.e., PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia.

Finally, they discussed the open-world elements of the game. “The game was too big to contain in one open world, so we divided it into regions,” the team responded. “We went for variety instead of one big city. We’re going to be releasing different regions for free in the years to come.”

We’re looking forward to hearing more regarding Marvel’s Avengers in the coming months and would surely give you more insight into the game’s development, progress and hopefully, some gameplay footage. Stay with us and we shall keep you informed.

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