My Marvel’s Spider-Man Copy Is Here! Review Coming In A Week!


Just today I collected my copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man and I can’t wait to explore Insomniac’s NYC and swing around as our very own Spooderman! I know it’s late, but there’s a pretty good reason for this.

I ordered the game from Games The Shop and just like a good game distributor, they delivered it a day before (6th September) the game’s official release (7th September). The Blue Dart parcel reached the courier delivery office on 9th September and because it’s rainy season, the executives over there were too lazy to inform me about it.

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Marvel's Spider-Man

After several inquiries, I decided to travel to the other town (Duliajan from Naharkatia), where the parcels are accepted, and fetch it myself. Even then, the employees there took almost half-an-hour to find my parcel and hand it over. They were emptying large bags, calling for other bags and all that created a great mess.

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Finally, they handed it over. I told my driver to drive as fast as he could, of course, without breaking the traffic rules. Now, I’m home and Spider-Man is slowly creeping into my PS4 Slim. I’m just too excited and I really can’t wait to write my own review of the game.

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I didn’t receive an early review copy due to some internal mistakes I made. But now, Spider-Man will be under my control! Let’s do it! I’ll post a full-fledged review a week later. Hope you can wait till then!

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