Omni-Man Versus Homelander; Who Wins In a One-on-One Duel

There’s an ongoing debate as to who would win between two of the most powerful superheroes in their respective universe. In a one-on-one match between The Boys’ Homelander and Invincible’s Omni-Man, who would take whose head?

Today, we will be taking a look at how these two would fair with each other. As two of the most popular original shows on Amazon Prime Video, The Boys and Invincible are creating impressive parodies and satire of your favorite superhero franchises (DC and/or Marvel).

Without much further ado, let’s dive head first to see whether Omni-Man will defeat Homelander or if it will be the other way around.

Omni-Man VS Homelander: EXPERIENCE-WISE, Who’s Better?

  • Believe it or not, Omni-Man is already thousands of years old. Omni-Man’s race, the Viltrumites, are almost immortal. From birth, they are already trained to become warriors.
  • There was a time in Viltrumite history when they had an all-out battle royale wherein only the strongest survived. They did this sacrifice to create the strongest empire in their galaxy, and they did.

  • On the other hand, Homelander, a lab rat created by Vought International (The Boys), never had proper combat training since nobody in his universe can match his powers (yet). He never had someone get the best of him though his potential is very high.
  • Additionally, he hasn’t fought anyone relatively stronger than him which defers him from Omni-Man. So, if we’re talking about who’s more experienced, Omni-Man takes this one home easily.


  • Surely, Homelander is one hell of a supe. He is arguably the strongest in ‘The Boys’ comics (Black Noir doesn’t count since he is basically Homelander’s clone). But, Omni-Man, is also a force not to mess with. As mentioned, Nolan Grayson a.k.a. Omni-Man is a Viltrumite.
  • These extraterrestrial species are famous for their impeccable strength that’s why they have the guts to conquer different planets. Plus, Viltrumites age like fine wine because the older they get, the stronger they become.

  • To put it into perspective, Omni-Man has already lived thousands of human lifetimes, so you do the math. Also, he is the same guy that took out all of the original members of the Guardians of the Globe. A group that consisted of superheroes like Immortal, War Woman, Dark Wing, Red Rush, Martian Man, and many more.
  • Meanwhile, Homelander struggled against Soldier Boy, Billy Butcher, and Hughie. He even skedaddled after almost getting killed by the trio. With that, you already know who by far is the stronger between the two (it’s Omni-Man, shhh).
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Spoiler alert, Omni-Man, and Homelander are both parodies of the popular DC superhero, Superman. Both of them have abilities similar to that of the beloved Kryptonian, such as:

  • Flight ✅
  • Super Strength ✅
  • High Durability (to a point where they’re almost invincible) ✅
  • Super Healing ✅
  • Super Speed ✅
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But, Homelander has a thing or two up the sleeve that separates him from Omni-Man. That is, he has laser vision and super hearing, and he can also see through walls. Thus, Homelander seems to have the upper hand on this one although this does not guarantee if he can scratch Omni-Man even just a bit.

Omni-Man VS Homelander: UNIVERSAL POWER

  • Homelander may be the strongest on Earth but Omni-Man is one of the most powerful in the whole universe. The star-spangled supe thinks he can bring the rain down if he wants to but can he really do it?
  • On the other hand, Omni-Man has proven that he can destroy worlds to a pulp with his bare hands hundreds of times. That alone makes him far stronger than Homelander.

In addition to that, Homelander’s biggest threat is a team-up of his biological father (Soldier Boy) and a group of ragtag humans. In contrast, Omni-Man’s probably worst nightmare is to go up against the whole Viltrum empire. Now that is a universal-level type of threat!

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Omni-Man VS Homelander: MORALS

Umm, we don’t think these two guys have the morals of a proper superhero. One is a universal warrior while the other is a terrifying pharmaceutical product. The warrior likes to conquer worlds while the other guy is just an overpowered bully. Not so heroic, isn’t it?

If they ever happen to fight each other, both wouldn’t even have a bit of sympathy or pity for the other. It would be safe to say it will be a battle to the death. By that, only one will have to live.


Nolan Grayson wants his son, Mark, to think (pun intended), and he wants you to do the same. Logically speaking, Omni-Man would sweep the floor with Homelander. It’s always going to be Omni-Man every day, and twice on a Sunday. If you think Homelander stands a chance against Nolan, think again. Homelander is just an unhinged spoiled brat and he will look like a child compared to Omni-Man.

Overall, to summarize our comparison, take a look at the table below:

SUPERHUMAN ABILITIES Homelander (just by an inch)
MORALS Both (without)

Finally, Omni-Man’s mustache is lit and takes home the award for best superhero mustache ever!

Do you agree with our pick? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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