Playstation Rumor
Will We be Witnessing the Beginning of a New Era of Consoles?

The teaser about revealing something big was witnessed on several PlayStation profiles and feeds of twitter, Facebook and other platforms. The Tweet basically consists of “something” which is totally covered in a plain red sheets with some focus lights around it. The video which is being shared all over the internet by the PlayStation Community is actually a very short one and it is around 10 seconds only.

On the other hand, there is no appearance of Sony on the Gamescom 2017 which is currently going on in Germany and there are no rumors of its future appearance at the event too. However, an announcement about a very own Media Showcase Event at Paris Games Week on October 30 has already been made by Sony. There are very high chances that Sony is on the verge of introducing a new version of its console (it doesn’t actually need one).

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As for now, there are no confirmed or leaked news or rumors about this post from PlayStation UK and we aren’t sure what the actual thing is being prepared for all the PS lovers out there in the market. So for now, we will have to enjoy the gaming on PlayStation4 right now with all the new titles being announced this year.

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