Poppy Playtime vs. FNAF: Which Game is Better? The Comparison

Poppy Playtime vs. FNAF Which Game is Better The Comparison

Fans of modern horror are keen to compare Poppy Playtime to FNAF. The two most popular horror series are as distinct as they are alike, with millions of fans worldwide flocking to both of these titles. Five Nights at Freddy’s has been on the market for about a decade now. A year has passed since the launch of Poppy Playtime and the memes and comparisons are unavoidable.

Regardless of their age factor, the two titles frequently come face to face to give horror experiences founded on the terror of inanimate creatures that have come to life. This includes terrifying jump scares and the creation of realms that shroud the most ambiguous stories beneath creatures. Isn’t that just creepy.. 😰  This brings us to the root of our dilemma: What’s the better one?? Let’s find out!

Poppy Playtime vs. FNAF

It’s impossible to compare Poppy Playtime with Five Nights at Freddy’s without dissecting each of the foundations that support both games and everything that surrounds them. In this day and age, it is hard to confine oneself to only video games when there is an entire empire of merchandise and even films in the works.

Here we will compare things like the overall number of video titles available, their mechanics, and narrative. For example, which offers the scariest creatures or the greatest variety in terms of gameplay? A long road ahead of us awaits!

Story, Lore, and Characters

For the sake of clarity, here’s what you need to know:  Poppy Playtime is limited in comparison to Five Nights at Freddy’s universe and “legend”. Considering that one began in 2014, and the other is in 2021, there should be no mistake about the fact that they are two separate entities. In the event that you’re looking to immerse yourself in one of the strangest games ever made, FNAF is your best bet.

To be clear, the first game to be released was in fact the fourth in the series’ chronological order. Check out the chronological order of FNAF and Poppy Playtime below:

Release Date

FNAF Title (Chronological Order)

2015 Five Nights at Freddy’s 4
2014 Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
2016 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location
2014 Five Nights at Freddy’s 1
2015 Five Nights at Freddy’s 3
2017 Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
2019 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
2019 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery
2021 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Release Date

Poppy Playtime Title

2021 Poppy Playtime Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze
2022 Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

A surprisingly dark, convoluted, and overpowering narrative lies behind the horrifying animatronics… Hidden data, including phone conversations, papers, and even mini-games, are scattered among the many deliveries to let the savviest players piece together horrifying tales.

FNAF Story and Lore

You can notice the huge gap in the number of titles that have been released between the two. Basically, that’s how the tale and history of Five Nights at Freddy’s were developed. As time-consuming as it may be, it is also the most rewarding and intriguing way to spend some time. Even more so if you include the FNAF elements in novels and comic books.

FNAF Books
Image Courtesy of DreadXP

Poppy Playtime Story and Lore

Let’s proceed on to the Poppy Playtime narrative instead of dissecting each FNAF title one by one. It’s difficult to get lost in Poppy Playtime because it’s been so quick to put together. The chapters that have been published so far tell a tale that occurs in the abandoned Playtime Co. toy factory.

This was a facility where toys were manufactured for children to play with but included harmful experiments that exploded. A bloodlust-filled version of experiment 1170 with a human mind is on display with Huggy Wuggy. Like Mommy Long Legs (Marie Payne, Experiment 1222), a lovely toy created from a woman’s experiment and now out to destroy you because no one is playing with her any longer.

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs 2
Screengrab Courtesy of SuperHorrorBro via YouTube

Poppy Playtime vs. FNAF Game Mechanics

We’ll begin with Poppy as a point of comparison. First-person horror game Poppy Playtime pits the player against a horde of live, talking toys. The GrabPack is a tool with extending hands that may be used in a variety of ways during the journey, and we must be extremely cautious while turning any corner since jump scares are the rule of the day.

Throughout the two Poppy Playtime chapters that have been revealed thus far, we’ve seen that the hands may be utilized in a variety of ways, from pressing buttons to swinging like Tarzan and using the hand to grab electricity in Chapter 2. For the time being, everything is confined to that.

Poppy Playtime 2 Power Room Puzzle Guide. 1jpg

Point-and-click gameplay was the foundation of the first FNAF games, with survival elements added later.

During your night shift, you must keep an eye on security cameras and floodgates to make sure the animatronics don’t murder you. Furthermore, the concept has undergone multiple mutations as a result of numerous trials, as seen by the more than a dozen commercially available games and several spinoffs.

While investigating doors and driving animatronics away with flashlights, getting inside animatronic bodies or platform mini-games, operating a pizzeria, or even using Augmented Reality mechanics, the game concept has gone through a wide range of possibilities.

Image Courtesy of FusionZGamer

There is some resemblance between FNAF: Security Breach and Poppy, the newest major release. The free-roaming first-person adventure was featured. And, of course, there are jump scares.

Poppy Playtime Toys vs. FNAF Animatronics

The terror in both games, aside from their gloomy atmospheres, may be attributed to the characters in each one. FNAF’s most common menace is a robot or animatronic in the form of an animal. In contrast, the “villain” in Poppy Playtime is represented by toys that possess a soul.

It’s true that the two concepts have a degree of resemblance. However, they also have drastically distinct designs. Even when they attack you, the toys in Poppy Playtime have an …adorable design😨. Meanwhile, there is always the creepy feeling of neglected and untrustworthy robots in Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Poppy Playtime
Toys and Characters

Five Nights at Freddy’s
Animatronics and Characters

  1. Poppy
  2. Huggy Wuggy
  3. Mommy Long Legs
  4. Bunzo Bunny
  5. Bron the Dinosaur
  6. Huggy Buddies
  7. Kissy Missy
  8. PJ Pug-a-Pillar
  9. Boogie Bot
  10. Candy Cat
  11. Cat-Bee
  12. Daisy the Flower
  13. The Prototype
  14. Avery, Jaren, Stella Greyber, Rich
  15. Leith Pierre
  16. Elliot Ludwig
NOTE: There are 130+ characters in the FNAF Franchise. Below are the most notable ones!

  1. Freddy Fazbear
  2. Bonnie
  3. Chica
  4. Foxy and Mangle
  5. Springtrap
  6. William Afton
  7. Michael Afton
  8. Elizabeth Afton
  9. Henry Emily
  10. Charlotte Emily
  11. Crying Child
  12. Vanny

They all have the potential to be genuinely scary. As an added bonus, their games are created in such a way that when they confront you, they will be remembered forever. What is scarier, a mechanical animal with a bad temper or a toy that suddenly grows more than three rows of teeth? 🤔

Partnerships and Merchandise

Even though Poppy Playtime has only been around for a short time, it’s already grown well-known enough to have a wider audience than just gamers. Even Youtooz collaborated with MOB Games Studio to create Youtooz-licensed toys and collectibles. In addition, the creation of its official film has been announced, albeit no release date has yet been set.

Poppy Playtime Letter
Image Courtesy of MOB Games

What about Five Nights at Freddy’s? Everything. From toys and plush animals to novels, books, and even official comics, there is a wide range of merchandise available. Fans and non-fans alike may look forward to a new film version of the series scheduled for 2023. In fact, a few interesting concepts that have been scrapped have already come to light.

Both games have done a fantastic job of extending themselves beyond the confines of the keyboard and mouse. Even more astonishing is the fact that Poppy has already gained interest for the big screen just a year after its release. In addition, while it didn’t take long for FNAF to go from obscurity to mainstream popularity, it took several years for it to get there.

So.. Poppy Playtime vs. FNAF, Which is Better?

FNAF has a wider range of video game titles. Poppy, on the other hand, has erupted and gone viral in a relatively short amount of time. In both cases, the goal is to scare the crap out of their gamers with seemingly adorable yet terrifying creatures.

In this Poppy Playtime vs. FNAF dilemma, FNAF definitely wins, in my opinion. However, in the end, it all comes down to what the player wants and intends to achieve. To be fair to Poppy, the FNAF and FNAF universes are much superior in terms of size, complexity, and variety right now. Poppy Playtime, on the other hand, has created a big impression in a short period of time and has a lot of promise.

At some point in time, Freddy Fazbear and his crew will have to deal with Huggy Wuggy and his squad. Right now, the choice between FNAF and Poppy Playtime should be left up to the player and what he finds most compelling about each of the two alternatives. If you like one of the two, you can confidently say that the other will get you hooked as well!

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If you have any questions regarding Poppy Playtime vs. FNAF, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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30 thoughts on “Poppy Playtime vs. FNAF: Which Game is Better? The Comparison”

  1. Well when chapter 2 of poppy playtime came out a lot of gamers said that it was better than fnaf but I agree FNAF is better and more fun

  2. SuperSonic15107

    FNAF in the long run will always be better and more lore heavy than poppy playtime could ever imagine being.

  3. I’ve only recently gotten into fnaf and only played the first game a few months ago and have been playing every single one(I’m on six right now) and I must say that it is the best horror game series I’ve ever played and one of the best game universes I’ve ever seen
    While I haven’t played Poppy Playtime I’ve seen enough gameplays and lots of miscellaneous garbage that makes games like these die within weeks

    1. no they dont, im petty sure alot of youtubers are dying for the launch of the next chapter.
      i dont blame you for liking fnaf, i love it too. But just because you like fnaf doesnt mean everyone shouldnt like poppyplaytime.
      fnaf and poppy playtime are both good games, so your
      opinion on disliking poppyplaytime doesnt matter.

  4. Fnaf is 10x better, i have been a fnaf fan right when it came out so i feel like its probably the best scary video game to exist its soo much better the poppy playtime i feel like poppy playtime is just a little boring and not as scary especially that more people have seen fnaf and live it but i think FNAF FOR LIFE!!!

  5. Fnaf is a joke

    Both games are terrible, play some actually good horror games like silent hill, resident evil and dead space

    1. Shut up nerdy ass loser FNAF & Poppy’s playtime are the best unlike you loser | you: “OhHhh wEee I’m a nerd I wanna play silent hill and resident evil oHhhh wEeeeE”

      1. Kevinthedropkick

        Think mummy needs to take away the internet, maybe actually play any of theses games before commenting retard cunt face

  6. @Fnaf is a joke, you just have no taste in horror games although fnaf aint scary its still a fun game to play so please have some respect for the game instead of being a little pussy about it

    1. You claim I have no taste in horror but then produces to say “fnaf aint scary”. You really are contradicting yourself here, my respect went down the drain as soon as Scott decided to milk the franchise and turn the lore into a complete mess. Also go cry about your pathetic opinions to someone with the same amount of intelligence as you.

  7. Well, I don’t know about which one is better than the other, but I can say for certainty that the number of FNAF characters is nowhere near the actual number, it being close to 130.

  8. William Afton

    Poppy Playtime è un gioco per bambini, ed ha rovinato la fama dei giochi horror indie. Fnaf è stato il primo gioco Horror a provare ad essere originale con meccaniche nuove che non erano semplicemente, corri o lotta. Ha un universo enorme, con una storia cruenta e piena di sofferenza. Era un emblema degli horror indie ma Poppy Playtime, ha rovinato tutto!

  9. I think that fnaf is better because I know the whole lore and the nightmare animatronics are way creeper I’ve also been a
    fnaf fan my whole life.

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