Project: Playtime recently dropped a trailer indicating that we’re near a release date. It will launch on December 2022, though there are still many mysteries about the game. There is a lot of lore, Easter eggs, and hidden information in these games. One of its recent reveals is the new monstrous character, Boxy Boo.

Who is Boxy Boo?

Boxy Boo is a jack-in-the-box monster that can open up, revealing clawed arms and feet attached to springy limbs. Its main body is a blue jack-in-a-box with a yellow star in the middle and a wind-up. The head resembles that of a dinosaur, with sharp teeth and two eyes above its mouth. Its interior parts outside of the box are all crimson red.

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Boxy Boo will be one of the antagonists of Project Playtime alongside Huggy Wuggy and Mommy Long Legs. The rumor is that he will appear in the upcoming Chapter 3. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Boxy Boo has been a part of the game, with many teasers in the past referencing him. That means he is a significant part of the lore and has been in development for a long time.

Past References

Boxy Boo has appeared numerous times within Rowan Stoll’s Computer Database. It’s the ARG developed by MOB Games to tease upcoming projects. One of these is a Boxy Boo poster, referencing the toy with a link to a recording with static sound. There were also references to Boxy Boo’s blueprints in an image referring to it as the devil inside the box or diabolic Intra buxom.

In August 2022, he appeared in the background of a scene released by Enchanted MOB. The Jack and the Box is present there. It was a video where the company revealed that Sir Poops-a-Lot is The Prototype.

Making Its First Appearance in PROJECT: Playtime

Players will likely learn more about Boxy Boo and its lore during Chapter 3. For now, they can get their first chance to experience the monster in PROJECT: Playtime. The free-to-play multiplayer horror game will have seven players in a game. Six players will try to assemble a giant toy as Resource Extraction Specialists at Playtime Co. The seventh player will play any of the three antagonists trying to kill all the other players.

The game will be in early access, meaning that MOB will continue improvements and content as players get into the game. Each monster will have a unique set of abilities and playstyles. The game’s description refers to Boxy as a springy hunter. That may mean that it can leap to attack players. It may also mean that Boxy can hide itself or lay traps. We’ll see more during the release.

The initial game will feature two large maps: a toy factory and a theater. There’s also an in-game currency that players can earn. It can improve player abilities and also give new tactics to monsters.

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