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As the year’s closes towards its end, PS5 enthusiasts will see another Target PS5 Restock this week. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming restock.

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Huge shoutout to Jake Randall for providing us with the information. Go follow them on Twitter and there’s a restock guide video at the bottom of this article.

PS5 Restock at Target

Target stores across the US are receiving stock every passing day. Some stores have around 11 PS5 units on hand, while some have 23, 33, 27, and so on. This won’t be a huge drop but a decent amount of people will be able to secure their consoles.


The date for the drop isn’t 100% confirmed for now, but we can expect to see the restock either on December 23 or 24 (highest possibility) or the end of next week.

Target Restock Time

The Target PS5 Restock will happen between –

  • EST: 6 am and 9 am
  • CST: 5 am and 8 am
  • PDT: 3 am and 6 am

Stock Proof

PS5 Restock At Target This Week; Details Inside
Courtesy of Jake Randall

Type of Order

You’ll have to order the PS5s online and pick them up from the store. There’s no shipping option.

How Will You Know When The Restock Goes Live?

That’s easy. Follow us on Twitter and as soon as the restock happens, we’ll instantly drop a tweet and notify you. Once you get the notification, visit the Target page, keep refreshing and keep trying to add to the cart.

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Target PS5 Guide

Here’s Jake’s guide on how to secure a PS5 from Target successfully –