A Quick Speculation over the Xbox Scorpio (Xbox One X)

A Quick Overview of The Xbox Scorpio

With 4K and VR it’s an absolute beast, but it’s gonna be very expensive.

From everything we saw at Microsoft’s E3 reveal this year, it is certain that there is a new Xbox on the way, to be released in late 2017, and it is going to be 5 times more powerful than Xbox One. Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg spoke up about the recently announced console, calling it a ‘beast’. According to him, it is meant to be the most powerful console ever made.

“We’re building a beast,” Greenberg said during Microsoft’s own E3 2016 coverage, “It’s gonna be the most powerful console ever made, and as a guy who was here when we built the original Xbox, that being such a powerful box, and we pioneered with Xbox Live, and some of those innovative games, it really feels like we’re getting back to our roots.”

A Quick Overview of The Xbox Scorpio

Although Microsoft has not shared any real specifications about the console, there’s enough information here for us to put together a picture on what Scorpio offers and whether it can indeed deliver on the claims made for it. Reportedly, it will be supporting both 4K gaming and ‘high-end’ virtual reality and will house an eight-core CPU from an unknown manufacturer along with a graphics card with 6 teraflops of power.

It will also have 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth. However, Scorpio is speculated to feature an upclocked Jaguar or equivalent processor, and a variant of AMD’s upcoming Vega architecture GPU with 56/60 GCN compute units at 800-850 MHz. It is also rumored to have 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM. If this speculation turns out to be true, it is safe to say that Scorpio is going to be a very expensive machine.

Xbox may have made such massive jumps done in terms of performance, however Microsoft has stated that the Xbox won’t be changing as a platform.

A Quick Overview of The Xbox Scorpio

“We add to the capabilities of the Xbox one and Xbox family without forcing gamers to abandon all the games and the community they love so much,” the announcement video said. The firm added that accessories and games for Xbox One would continue to work on Scorpio.

However, it was not clear whether all new games launched would get both an Xbox One version and an Xbox Scorpio version. Based on Microsoft’s strategy of making games available for Xbox and Windows 10, it would make sense for the company to continue releasing games for both, essentially creating a mini ecosystem of devices with different specifications for people on different budgets.

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  1. ‘4K Gaming’..wont be possible with that gpu..Games at 1080p/30-60fps would be fine with some extra graphics settings.

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