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The World-Class RPG Game Developer Might be Working on Famous Game of Thrones Series

Talking about roleplay games, Bethesda needs no introduction as a developer and which have introduced games like the Fallout Series and Elder Scrolls. And now, there has been a recent rumor or kind of a leak claiming that the world Class RPG game developer company is working on Game of Thrones video game or some kind of project regarding to the season.

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There is “A Page rumored to be on the Target’s official website with the name of Game of Thrones and it was spotted by NeoGAF and it was discovered earlier yesterday on 27 August and it is still on the website. The thing which makes it interesting is that there is no further information provided about the title and there is just a header which says “Bethesda : Game of Thrones”. There is no further detail that whether it is going to be a video game of some other sort of project but most of the video game and GOT fans are already going crazy over it.

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There are also rumors that Bethesda is currently working on 5 projects at a time and we will eventually end up getting some big announcements from the company itself in the near future. However, with the rumor of Bethesda Game Studios working on something related to Game of Thrones, we are pretty sure that it might be one of the “bigger projects” as mentioned by Todd Howard, studio Director.

“We have two larger projects that are more classically the scale of what we do, but even bigger,”

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