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Disclaimer: The details mentioned in the article are solely based on one person’s accounts and Spiel Times has not doctored any of the information provided, neither are we responsible for any misinformation. According to the anonymous identity, the details were shared with them by one of their friends. When queried if their friend works for Rockstar, they made no comment. Our team asked for valid proof for credibility purpose but they denied providing any. “I care more about my friendship with this individual than leaking the info, I’m sorry”, they said.

There might be a reasonable content update for Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode, Red Dead Online, tomorrow. While the internet has been speculating such an update for some time now, a possible leaker has claimed that the content update will be released tomorrow.

The leaker first posted the information on r/RedDeadOnline where the reception was quite negative. “Could you send me some valid proofs of your sourced information?”, I questioned. “I cannot only because it would put someone’s job in jeopardy”, they replied.

From what they’ve told me during our conversation, tomorrow’s update might be Red Dead Online’s first “major” update. Players will be able to purchase properties, homes and ranches and make money out of them. New carriages and wagons would be added along with at least one new horse. Some of these vehicles would be comfort-oriented while some would be hunting-focused allowing players to carry more animals, skins and carcasses.

There’s a possibility Rockstar would tease the update tomorrow. If not, it’s certain(according to the informant) the update will be rolled out on Thursday.

According to the leaker, the information came through one of their friends. They wrote –

What I told you is pretty much what he told me. Here is the exact text:

“its gonna be the first “major” update the the game. you’ll be able to purchases homes, ranches, property to make money from, etc. Theres gonna be carriages and wagons along with 1 or 2 new horses. Some carriages will be meant to carry more animals and such while hunting and some carriages are more combat oriented.”

A later text he sent to me said:

“It will be teased at some point this week, most likely monday but will definitely be launching on thursday”

The leaker’s Reddit history says that they also predicted a Bully 2 teaser which turned out to be false. On January 24th, they posted, “The first Bully 2 teaser will be coming Friday”, implying a teaser to be released the next day, i.e. Friday, January 25th. However, almost two hours later, they commented that the full trailer would be released in September 2019, with the teaser being released some days prior.

“From what I understand it was due to all of the recent leaks on the Bully subreddits”, they clarified. “I guess they wanted to give people more time to speculate and build hype. There was even some talk that Rockstar intentionally leaked info to build hype. I can confirm that I am not part of that.”

The information is not at all reliable and as mentioned in the disclaimer, Spiel Times hasn’t doctored any of the information provided, nor are we responsible for any misinformation. During our conversation, I asked for some valid proofs multiple times but they kept on denying. So, whether to take the information seriously or pass depends on you.

I also had a chat regarding Bully 2, which, I’ll be publishing later tomorrow.

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