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Target has another potential drop/restock for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X|S consoles coming up very soon. According to sources, we’re hearing they could drop between December 21 and 22.

BIG UPDATE (DECEMBER 21, 5:23 AM EST): Target dropped.

Disc –

Digital –

UPDATE (DECEMBER 20, 7:58 AM EST): Target hasn’t gone live yet.

BIG UPDATE (DECEMBER 18, 5:09 PM EST): Our source says that Target’s website will go live with the next-gen consoles for order on Sunday, December 20th starting 3 AM ET. You’ll have to order online and go pick-up your console from the stores. The source also mentions a majority of the stores will have stock.

Some are saying they could drop on Saturday, December 19th starting at 3 AM ET as well. So, if you don’t want to miss any chances, we’d suggest staying up starting tonight.

A reasonable amount of stores are getting around 10-15 PS5 units in some specific areas. Some of them get their shipments on December 21, while others have reported the 22nd. According to YTNextGenGaming, shipments are reaching stores anytime between the 18th and the 23rd. (UPDATE: December 20)

Xbox, however, would be heavily stocked. Some stores are reporting over 30 in stock for the next potential drop. So, if you’re looking to get an Xbox, you have slightly higher chances of securing one than the PS5.

It’s important to note that for the last drop, i.e., 12/09, some stores received stock only the night before while many stores already had them in stock. So, we can’t say for sure that the consoles will be available to order online right after the day stores receive shipments.

Our source has confirmed that the consoles will go live on Monday morning, i.e., December 20 for their region. We can’t reveal the exact place as the source requested anonymity, however, the information is for the North-West. Keep in mind, this might not be the case for other regions.

If the consoles go live for sale online, they’ll be for in-store pick-up. This means, you’ll order online and you’ll have to go visit the Target store you ordered from and pick-up your order.

So, to sum up, make sure you’re looking out for Target drops from 3 AM ET – 7 AM ET, starting December 19 until, at least the 24th. (UPDATE: December 20) Usually, Target drops around the aforementioned time-frame.

Keep in mind, Target is keeping an eye out on social media, especially Twitter accounts at the moment. So, there’s a high possibility that the drops/restock could be rescheduled or delayed.

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