Survey: People are more excited for Death Stranding on PS4 than PC

Death Stranding

On October 28, Kojima Productions announced they’ll be releasing Death Stranding for PC in early summer of 2020. Many would argue this wasn’t the best time for such an announcement, given the PS4 version is so close to its release. To find out how players feel about it, we conducted a survey where over a thousand people laid down their opinions.

4.3% (37 votes) of people voted they will be getting both the PC and PS4 versions. 22.65% (195 votes) of people voted they will purchase the PC version only, while the majority, 42.04% (362 votes) voted for the PS4 version only. 16.5% (142 votes) voted they’ll first get the PS4 version and then decide whether or not to get the PC version. The remaining 14.51% (125 votes) voted they won’t be getting Death Stranding at all.

Survey: Death Stranding for PS4 has more hype and excitement than PC
Death Stranding Survey #1 results

Many of us already knew Death Stranding will come to PC somewhere in the near future. It wasn’t, however, known for how long will Death Stranding act as a PlayStation exclusive. As reported by IGN, PlayStation Europe hinted about the PC version way back when the company announced their partnership with Kojima Productions, a time when we didn’t even know what Kojima’s next big project is named.

This announcement might affect sales from people who were still waiting on reviews to decide whether or not to purchase the game. Undoubtedly, the PC version will offer more flexibility and performance boosts when compared to the PS4 version.

Voting specifically on the matters of the PC version, a total of 338 people shared their views. The majority, i.e., 63.6% (215 votes) of people are in favour of Death Stranding releasing for multiple storefronts. 8.6% (29 votes) want it on Steam, while 17.75% (60 votes) are fine with Epic Games Store exclusivity and 10.05% (34 votes) with timed EGS exclusivity.

Survey: Death Stranding for PS4 has more hype and excitement than PC
Death Stranding Survey #2 results

505 Games will be publishing the PC version of the game. We’ve reached out to Kojima Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment, 505 Games, Daniel Ahmed and Benji-Sales for comments. We won’t update this article with they inputs (if they choose to reply) but will definitely publish another article. To get notified, subscribe to our push-notifications.

Thanks to our PR contact, Randall, we got a review copy of Death Stranding. We’ve finished playing the game and are currently working on the reviews, both written and video. Visit us on November 1st to find out what we think of Hideo Kojima’s long-kept secret.

Complete Disclosure

We asked two simple questions.

  1. Are you –
    1. Getting Death Stranding for PC only
    2. Getting Death Stranding for PS4 only
    3. Getting both
    4. Getting PS4 first, then decide whether or not to get the PC version
    5. Not getting it at all
  2. How many of you will get the PC version of Death Stranding if –
    1. It’s an Epic Exclusive
    2. Timed Epic Exclusive
    3. Steam key (poorly phased as Steam Exclusive)
    4. Available on Multiple Storefronts

Links to the surveys –

We can confirm a total of 858 unique people cast their votes as each person had only one vote. We, however, had two surveys on ResetEra. On the second survey, 338 people voted, which may or may not be consist of unique votes. But, for the sake of this article, we are assuming at least 1000 unique people cast their votes.

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