Top 10 Must-Play Nintendo Switch Games Of August 2019

10. Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

Release Date: 29 August 2019

Paws on Fire! is the subtitle of the sixth installment of the Bubsy series, platformers published by Accolade. The production was created by Choice Provisions studio. The story told in the game revolves around an unusual alliance formed by Bubsy and his eternal enemies, known as Woolies. Thanks to this we can play not only in the title character but also in his companions, i.e. The Woolie, Arnold, and Virgil. Apart from them, the game also features characters known from earlier versions of the cycle.

9. Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition

Release Date: 08 August 2019

Pillars of Eternity for is the first entirely independent production of Obsidian Entertainment. The story of Pillars of Eternity is set in a vast fantasy world inhabited by people of various races and beliefs. What is interesting, despite its strongly emphasized fantasy themes, the game does not lack for firearms used by both the player’s party and their enemies. The world of Pillars of Eternity consists of several dozen various locations, including forests, dungeons, and ancient ruins full of dangers and nasty surprises.

8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

Release Date: 20 August 2019

Just like the release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution does not offer a complex plot story. Instead, the creators focused on recreating the most famous duels known from anime Yu-Gi-Oh! enriched with the content from the sixth TV series Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. The basics of the game have remained almost unchanged from the original release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist. The game is based on the rules of the card version. In Yu-Gi-Oh! players create decks from a set of available cards and fight battles with characters known from the animated series.

7. Solo: Islands of the Heart

Release Date: 01 August 2019

Love is a universal feeling, but each of us experiences it in a different way. Solo: Islands of the Heart explores the theme of love in an introspective way, allowing players to identify and reflect on their own experiences. The world is divided into archipelagos, with each island representing a unique puzzle. Solving puzzles will award the player with a Sleeping Totem, awakening them to answer a question about love and relationships. As with love, most puzzles have no unique solution. Using boxes, each with different properties and behaviors, players can build their own paths to the Sleeping Totems on each island.

6. Pine

Release Date: August 2019

Pine is an open-world action-adventure simulation game. Take on the role of Hue, a brave young adult who belongs to the last remaining tribe of humans on the island of Albamare. Find your way through an ever-changing world in which all creatures have lives, goals, and quests of their own. Albamare’s factions trade and fight with each other over food and territory, while Hue learns about ways to influence the ecology, in search of a new home for the humans.

5. Chroma Squad

Release Date: 01 August 2019

Chroma Squad is a humorous strategy game inspired by low-budget TV series like Power Rangers. It has been developed by Behold studio, known for its Knights of the Pen & Paper. Cast actors, purchase equipment and upgrades for your studio, craft weapons and giant Mechas out of cardboard and duct tape. Once the cameras are rolling, you will control your cast of five colored-jumpsuit-clad warriors in dramatic, turn-based battles.

4. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Release Date: 09 August 2019

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a sci-fi action RPG. The title has been developed by Dimps, a studio known for working on the Dragon Ball: Xenoverse series. The game is based on the Japanese Sword Art Online franchise, which includes youth novels, manga series, anime series, and a full-length animated film. The game takes players to a near future and enables one to assume the role of a player, who spends time playing a Virtual Reality MMORPG called Gun Gale Online.

3. Oninaki

Release Date: 22 August 2019

A new RPG  produced by Tokyo Factory and Square Enix. The main character of the game is Kagachi. One of the Observers with the ability to move between the lands of the living and the dead, whose task is to keep order in the first one and to help the Lost. Oninaki has 3D graphics maintained in a colorful, manga style, which in terms of quality of performance presents a level similar to the previous achievements of these authors.

2. RAD

Release Date: 20 August 2019

The title developed by Double Fine and Bandai Namco will take you to a desolate radioactive land where only mutagenic animals are present, which have evolved for the sole purpose of killing anyone who passes by. Here you will have to venture to try to find the solution to heal the world. But going further and further into the game, exploring the contaminated island, our character will expose himself to more and more toxins, which will lead to genetic mutations. Will he save humanity, or will he die in poisonous fumes like many others? His fate is in our hands.

1. Astral Chain

Release Date: 30 August 2019

Your task in this game will be to fight off alien forces, which are putting the city of Ark in check. Here, in fact, mysterious portals have appeared, which are causing very dangerous creatures to arrive. These cannot be stopped by normal police forces. In this case, then Neuron, a special unit, will intervene and you will be part of this unit. Astral Chain offers an attractive three-dimensional graphic design, made in the style typical of Japanese cartoons. This title is developed by PlatinumGames and will be released exclusively on the Switch.

Here ends our article about the top 10 must-play Nintendo Switch games of August 2019. Feel free to comment down below on which of the above-mentioned games you will buy.


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