Video games offer players a plethora of genres, fulfilling the likes of each individual. Just like Action-Adventure, Sandbox, Open-World and so on, MMORPG is one of the most demanded genres of video games. The genre right now might be in decline, however, we still have many good titles that act as the last pillars of the MMO genre.

We have ushered into an age where video games are considered sports. They’ve received global recognition. Nowadays, the availability of video games and platforms in which they can run is abundant. Within the midst of so many new games, however, with diverse genres coming out daily, it is difficult to know what to play and whatnot.

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We at Spiel Times love video games and to help all the MMO lovers we have prepared a list of top 5 MMORPGs to play this year. So, without any further ado let us continue to our list.

  • Elder Scrolls Online(ESO)

ESO had a bad start but it didn’t make the game bad to play. Soon after a few months of release, the game became one of the most fun MMO games to play. Just like any other Elder Scrolls title, Elder Scrolls Online offers a great story, lore and unique set of characters and NPCs.

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With the new “Greymoore” expansion, players can venture back to the western part of Skyrim. Zenimax even hyped us with their statement that Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor expansion is “one of The Elder Scrolls’ darkest stories yet.

  • Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a more simple and vibrant MMO game suitable for new players who are new to the genre. Since its 2013 release, Cryptic Studios have done well in maintaining the game with quality improvement updates and new content.

The most exciting part of Neverwinter is that players can select one of the eight Dungeons and Dragons classes. Neverwinter offers a wide variety of locations, quests, and dungeons to raid.

  • Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a Korean MMORPG that is more on the aesthetic side. It is one of the most beautiful MMO games out in the market. It offers fast-paced combat, a considerable amount of characters and classes, one of the best character-creation system and a not so good story.

BDO is for the players who like fast-paced combat and who want to indulge themselves in a breathtaking fantasy world.

  • World of Warcraft 

WOW is an MMO that doesn’t require any introduction or pointing out what is good and what is bad. It is an MMO everyone must try at least once.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn

Just like Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV didn’t have a good start. Even the lore, story, characters and the beautiful world of final fantasy was not able to convince the players to play the game. Just when the game was almost dead, Square Enix made a comeback with Realm Reborn.

Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn has a good active player base and it is a top-notch MMO in every aspect.

There are a lot of other good MMOs like Runescape, Archeage, Skyforge, etc which couldn’t make it to this list. Let us know about your favorite MMO game in the comment section down below.


    • First of all thanks for sharing your opinion. Guild Wars 2 is a good mmo and there are some other mmo too which are good enough to be in the list. Since it’s an opinion I cant change it but I will sure add guild wars 2 along with other mmo recommendations the community shares at the end of the article.

        • HoT was a little too challenging for most when it first came out, but ever since it was balanced, it has been great, with people still doing meta events there even to this day. GW2 has by far the best combat experience I have seen in any MMO.

    • As far as I remember Dungeons and Dragons online subscription costs 14.99 USD per month. I dont think you should invest that much in the old game. In the end it depends on you how much you like the game. If it was me I would go for ESOs upcoming greymoor dlc/season.

    • Yeah at first I was a little skeptical about ESOs combat. As a fast pace action lover I thought the game would not be satisfying to play. But it proved me wrong in the first few hours. I am hyped for the greymoor expansion 😁.

    • Nice choice ESO and BDO are way too different. Meanwhile, both offers MMO Aspects which are widely liked by gamers. I hope you are enjoy the games. Please do share your experience with us. Good or bad either one will suffice. All matters is that our community is happy.

    • Thanks for this list!
      Any comment on the latency for all these games when connecting from India? Do they all have acceptable pings for PvP and PvE?

      • PVE is better in all the games mentioned in the list. However, I personally had issues with PVP in neverwinter and ESO. ESO has NA and EU servers only. So for pvp you need a very good internet connection.

      • I have been playing the games BDO(SEA) and ESO(EU) from Rourkela, Odisha, India for over two years now. Its a remote location, so I play through my Jio 4G dongle. I lose PVP to similarly geared players due to 140ms onwards ping all the time. The PVE aspect works just fine. However, from metro cities in India, you can get a better ping, but it can not be less than 120 ms.

  1. Dark and Light is awesome but idk when the full release will occur. We’re loving it even if it is currently flawed and glitchy.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The survival aspect of dark and light is what I like the most. But tbh due to some other titles I haven’t given it much time. Right now I am grinding Fallout 76 and Apex Legends. Thanks to your comment, I want to revisit the game once again.

    • In the end, most of the good MMOs are long-running. Star Wars The Old Republic is also a good game. TBH we need some new intuitive titles in the MMO genre where we can invest our money and time for a long period.

  2. Been playing WoW since launch and tried a few other MMO’s over the years like Star Wars The Old Republic. Just picked up ESO at the recommendation of a guildie and am loving it so far. Still playing WoW as my main MMORPG

  3. I would kill to see a new MMO. I alphaed 3 of those and betaed another. I have played all but WoW and BDO within the last day and to be real I simply log on for maintenance rather than to actually play. Oh to find another immersive, complicated, lore loving and beautiful MMO *sighs*

    Overall I agree with these picks. The main issue I have with ESO (and GW2) is that the quarterly update releases is that I can play the entire release in a few hours then go back to do the group stuff for a few hours.

    I’m actually a bit jealous of people that are just discovering these titles <3

  4. Top MMORPG’s to play in 2020 make it sound as if the games on the list are upcoming, which they are not. The title would be better as the Top 5 MMORPG’s to ever play. Coming out this 2020, I know a great many people who are anticipating Amazon’s New World.

  5. I love FFXIV, but wish the original Everquest would be redone with a modern engine and graphics. There was a good reason it was referred to as “Evercrack”

  6. Afaik, Guild wars 2 beats wow, eso, bdo and nw hands down in this list… Except that wow has large playerbase, bdo graphics is one level above gw2, but gw2 has nice pvp system, pve is cool and cool story, music and bgm is cool too. Gw2 pvp balance is somewhat struggling right now but the devs often release balance patches to stabilize it. And most of all, Gw2 community has very less toxic players and more friendly players who often go out of their way to help guide new players.

  7. I used to play Neverwinter until I hit the max level. I realized the game is a paywall, but the lack of pvp is what made me quit. I tried ESo, it was fun at first. What turned me off was the class were not balance in pvp and I felt like playing a single player in an open world.. I played Gw2 and it was the best open world experience out of the 3. But after core tryria, once you go to the next expasions. It was a different feeling.
    I had face class discrimination and the elitism toxic mindset. They fking hate certain classes, and when a class gets buff, they fking whine until it gets nerfed. Stupid devs cannot fix their classes. When they nerfed and changed my favorite class Mesmer, I rage quit for the first time.


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