Video games offer players a plethora of genres, fulfilling the likes of each individual. Just like Action-Adventure, Sandbox, Open-World and so on, MMORPG is one of the most demanded genres of video games. The genre right now might be in decline, however, we still have many good titles that act as the last pillars of the MMO genre.

We have ushered into an age where video games are considered sports. They’ve received global recognition. Nowadays, the availability of video games and platforms in which they can run is abundant. Within the midst of so many new games, however, with diverse genres coming out daily, it is difficult to know what to play and whatnot.

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We at Spiel Times love video games and to help all the MMO lovers we have prepared a list of top 5 MMORPGs to play this year. So, without any further ado let us continue to our list.

  • Elder Scrolls Online(ESO)

ESO had a bad start but it didn’t make the game bad to play. Soon after a few months of release, the game became one of the most fun MMO games to play. Just like any other Elder Scrolls title, Elder Scrolls Online offers a great story, lore and unique set of characters and NPCs.

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With the new “Greymoore” expansion, players can venture back to the western part of Skyrim. Zenimax even hyped us with their statement that Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor expansion is “one of The Elder Scrolls’ darkest stories yet.

  • Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a more simple and vibrant MMO game suitable for new players who are new to the genre. Since its 2013 release, Cryptic Studios have done well in maintaining the game with quality improvement updates and new content.

The most exciting part of Neverwinter is that players can select one of the eight Dungeons and Dragons classes. Neverwinter offers a wide variety of locations, quests, and dungeons to raid.

  • Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a Korean MMORPG that is more on the aesthetic side. It is one of the most beautiful MMO games out in the market. It offers fast-paced combat, a considerable amount of characters and classes, one of the best character-creation system and a not so good story.

BDO is for the players who like fast-paced combat and who want to indulge themselves in a breathtaking fantasy world.

  • World of Warcraft 

WOW is an MMO that doesn’t require any introduction or pointing out what is good and what is bad. It is an MMO everyone must try at least once.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn

Just like Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV didn’t have a good start. Even the lore, story, characters and the beautiful world of final fantasy was not able to convince the players to play the game. Just when the game was almost dead, Square Enix made a comeback with Realm Reborn.

Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn has a good active player base and it is a top-notch MMO in every aspect.

There are a lot of other good MMOs like Runescape, Archeage, Skyforge, etc which couldn’t make it to this list. Let us know about your favorite MMO game in the comment section down below.