Witcher 4 In Works?!

Witcher 4 In Works

Without a doubt, The Witcher series is one of the best RPG series of all time. What started as an intriguing journey in Witcher 1, was turned into an experience of a lifetime in Witcher 3! It wasn’t just a regular game with cool graphics, but an incredibly executed narrative that set a very high benchmark in the gaming world.

It was a critically acclaimed game that won numerous awards, including the Game of the Year Award and RPG of the Year Awards at Game Awards 2015. But more importantly, it won the hearts of the gamers and they have been waiting patiently for a sequel. It has been six years now since Witcher 3 was released and you will still find it trending every other day. But the fact is that no matter how great a game is, fans always want more. For such fans, we may have some exciting news.

Witcher 3 Sequel

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

It is possible that Witcher 3 sequel, let’s call it Witcher 4, might be in the works. Fans have been demanding a sequel ever since they were done with Witcher 3, and they might finally be rewarded. The reason we believe so is that CD Projekt Red released a job listing that might have something to do with the sequel.

This job listing by the developers reveals that CD Projekt Red is looking for a camera programmer. Now you may ask what’s special about that? The thing is that according to the job listing, the studio is looking for someone with “real-time third-perspective cameras”. These are exactly the cameras that were used to create the Witcher series, as these games involve real-time choices.


Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

Here’s why we believe that this job listing does, in fact, hint at Witcher 4. Though many games use these cameras, Witcher is the only one that makes sense among CD Projekt Red properties. Their latest game Cyberpunk 2077 does not use this technology, which directly hints at their other major property i.e., The Witcher.

Previously, we heard a lot of rumors regarding Witcher 4’s development, but this hint is the only one that we can base its existence on. We all know that Witcher 3 closed a major chunk of the narrative, but it left enough for a sequel to happen. Fans also speculated that the sequel might showcase Ciri as the main protagonist, and not Geralt. It is also being said the sequel will have more than one playable character, like some parts of Witcher 3.

But again, most of these are baseless rumors which shouldn’t be paid much attention to. Yet this job listing is definitely an interesting development. Anyways, we will have to wait for some official information which might not arrive for years. Till then, you can enjoy the new Netflix-inspired DLC and the PS5/ Xbox X version of Witcher 3, which will be arriving soon.

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2 thoughts on “Witcher 4 In Works?!”

  1. I hope the Witcher 4 takes place in the past – closer to the time of the Conjunction of the Spheres. That way they could introduce monsters that have become extinct by Witcher 3… It also opens up the door for a lot of creativity in regards to political situation, people involved, and plot development

    1. That would be like 1500 years before the events of even the novels. I don’t think it would be that interesting a timeline with none of our favorite characters. Most probably it would be about Ciri’s future as a Witcher with Geralt as a side character. But it remains to be seen what will happen to gamers who got the bad ending in Witcher 3. While Witcher 4 may never happen, our hopes are up for it. Thanks for your reply, do check out other articles as well!

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