‘Ben Shapiro hates himself’: MrBeast fans rally in support of Jimmy and Chris against political commentator

Controversy erupted in the online community after political commentator Ben Shapiro released a video criticizing MrBeast and his crew member Chris Tyson. The video took aim at Chris’ recent gender transition and hormone replacement therapy. Shapiro is known for his conservative anti-LGBTQ+ views and polarizing opinions. Many have constantly expressed their disapproval of his perceived insensitive and tone-deaf comments.

Ben Shapiro warned MrBeast that Chris Tyson’s personal choices could lead to the downfall of his channel. He claimed that viewers may not want to watch Tyson on MrBeast’s content following his announcement. The video sparked a wave of backlash from MrBeast’s loyal fanbase on social media platform Twitter.

Exploring the feud between Ben Shapiro and MrBeast

In an episode of The Ben Shapiro Show, the host discussed the possibility of Chris Tyson’s presence ruining the dynamic of MrBeast’s YouTube channel. He criticized Chris for prioritizing his gender identity over his relationship with his wife and child, calling it a “selfish” decision that could have damaging consequences. 

Ben Shapiro pointed out that the appearance of Chris Tyson on the show had led to a rise in dislikes. However, fans were quick to point out that the number of dislikes is not evident to the public. Shapiro concluded the segment by discussing the potential outcomes should MrBeast decide to part ways with Tyson in the future.

Why has Chris Tyson become a subject of controversy?

MrBeast co-founder Chris Tyson has received backlash and transphobic reactions after announcing his Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) treatment. The 26-year-old has seen a drastic shift in his fanbase since the announcement.

The YouTuber even temporarily shut down his Twitter to avoid online trolls and negative comments. Jimmy Donaldson has come to his rescue multiple times, but it seems that the heat hasn’t cooled down. 

Part of the controversy revolves around Chris’ split from partner Katie Tyson and his infant son, Tucker. Conservatives believe that Chris Tyson’s decision to switch genders will affect his family.

MrBeast fans hit back at Ben Shapiro for his video

While Jimmy Donaldson himself is yet to respond to Ben Shapiro’s video directly, MrBeast fans did not hold back with their words. They were particularly incensed by his insensitivity towards Chris’ personal journey.

The controversy highlights the ongoing debate around the intersection of politics and online content creation, and the responsibilities that influencers have to their audiences.

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