Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO
Shiny Ho-Oh is appearing in the Festival of Colors raid event. (Image via Niantic)

The Pokemon GO Festival of Colors 2023 has started, marking the return of the Legendary Ho-Oh. While Mega Medicham and Bruxish have made their debut, trainers also have a chance to beat and catch the Legendary dual Fire/Flying-type monster. Ho-Oh appears as a limited-time 5-star Raid Boss during the event. 

The Ho-Oh Raid Hour started on March 8 at 6:00 PM and ends on March 21 at 7:00 PM local time. During the event, some fortunate players might come across the Shiny variant of the Legendary bird. Nevertheless, since the chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon are minimal, trainers will require strategized effort to capture Shiny Ho-Oh.

Tips to get a Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO 2023

Shiny Ho-Oh appearing in Pokemon GO
A magnificent digital art of the Legendary Ho-Oh. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Shiny Ho-Oh made its Pokemon GO debut on May 19, 2018, so its shiny variant’s availability is old news for seasoned players. But the monster is Legendary, making its shiny ratio pretty skewed and hard to contend with. The creature will appear more frequently as a Pokemon GO Raid Boss, and this appearance will not directly impact the Shiny Ho-Oh probability. However, the radical increase in its spawn will take less time for one to appear than on normal days.

Now, let’s talk about some tips increase your chances of encountering a shiny Ho-Oh. Firstly, you need to have an ample supply of raid passes. You can purchase these items from the Pokemon GO store using 100 Pokecoins or you can also obtain them for free by visiting a controlled gym or raid and spinning the photo disc.

The Raid Boss in Pokemon GO will not be a Shiny Ho-Oh. However, a wild monster will appear once you defeat it, and there is a possibility of encountering a Shiny version if you battle it. Furthermore, even if multiple players participate in the same raid, some of them may have the opportunity to encounter a Shiny Ho-Oh, while others may not. 

The chances of encountering a Shiny Legendary in Pokemon GO is roughly one in every 20 encounters. The best strategy is finding many raids and defeating as many Ho-Oh as possible.

Exploring Ho-Oh’s weaknesses and resistances in Pokemon GO

Shiny Ho-Oh with sign in Pokemon GO
Shiny Ho-Oh is appearing this March in 5-Star raids. (Image via Niantic)

Ho-Oh is a Legendary dual Fire/Flying-type Pocket Monster. It has a max CP of 4367, with powerful stats of 239 Attack Power, 244 Defense Power, and 214 Stamina Power. Since it is a very rare monster on the platform, its shiny variant is even rarer.

The only way to catch Shiny Ho-Oh is by defeating it in the Pokemon GO Festival of Colors 5-star raid battle for now. The Legendary is weak to Electric, Rock, and Water-type attacks, but highly resistant to Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Fairy-type moves in Pokemon GO. So, it would be best to focus on using the moves it is weak against and reduce using the attacks it can resist.

Using Pocket Monsters that can perform the same type of attacks as their innate attribute can inflict bonus damage to the opponent. The Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) benefits can change the tides in any battle, making even average-performing Pokemon able to take down Legendaries.

Exploring Ho-Oh’s counters in Pokemon GO Raids

Ho-Oh flying in Pokemon GO
Ho-Oh as it appears to be in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

5-Star Raid Battles are considered some of the hardest to clear in Pokemon GO. It’s recommended to have a group of at least three to four skilled trainers with high-level monsters. However, if lower-level players have access to the appropriate counters, a larger group of six to eight can defeat Ho-Oh effectively.

Non-Mega and Non-Shadow counters:

  • Nihilego: Acid and Rock Slide
  • Aggron: Smack Down and Meteor Beam
  • Gigalith: Smack Down and Meteor Beam
  • Alolan Golem: Rock Throw and Stone Edge
  • Aurorus: Rock Throw and Meteor Beam
  • Midday Form Lycanroc: Rock Throw and Stone Edge
  • Incarnate Forme Landorus: Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Aerodactyl: Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Golem: Rock Throw and Stone Edge
  • Omastar: Rock Throw and Rock Slide

Mega and Shadow counters:

  • Shadow Tyranitar: Smack Down and Stone Edge
  • Shadow Aerodactyl: Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Rhyperior: Smack Down and Rock Wrecker
  • Terrakion: Smack Down and Rock Slide
  • Rampardos: Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Tyrantrum: Rock Throw and Meteor Beam
  • Shadow Omastar: Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Tyranitar: Smack Down and Stone Edge
  • Shadow Aggron: Smack Down and Meteor Beam
  • Mega Aerodactyl: Rock Throw and Rock Slide

Obtaining a Shiny Pocket Monster through Pokemon GO Raid Battles can be difficult and time-consuming. Players will know if they’ve obtained a special variant only after they defeat the boss . While shiny collectors may find the reward exciting, casual players may not consider it worthwhile.

That’s all for the Ho-OH Raid this March 2023. Seize the opportunity to catch ’em all. Are you prepared for the latest season, Season 10: Rising Heroes?

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