Chinese animal abusers threaten to put more cats in blenders after original culprit’s arrest

Cat blender China animal abusers viral

A group of Chinese animal abusers have threatened to repeat the ‘cat in blender’ incident after the culprit behind the viral video was arrested. A Reddit user shared information about a possible live stream event where multiple animal abusers would grab cats and put them in blenders to torture them until they die. The post has since been taken down from the forum.

The video of a helpless cat tortured in a blender caused strong reactions on Twitter and TikTok. People expressed their shock and disgust over the disturbing video’s circulation. Initially, it was reported that the person who made the video had been arrested by the Chinese police. However, there are doubts about whether the right person was caught.

Since the incidents happened in China. it’s difficult to confirm if the person arrested is indeed the one responsible. The individual believed to be involved in the viral cat blender video is Xu Zhihui, a food blogger/vlogger from Anhui, who is popular on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo and Bilibili.

Cat blender culprit’s fellow animal abusers unite

Xu was arrested, but not specifically for abusing and killing cats, as those actions are currently legal in China. Instead, he was arrested on the basis of sharing inappropriate content online, including the videos of cat abuse.

Xu’s arrest led to his “administrative detention,” which typically lasts a maximum of 15 days in China. This form of detention is common for law enforcement without pressing criminal charges. Now, Xu’s fellow abusers want revenge and are planning to harm more cats.

Animal abusers china cat blender viral
Screenshots from the animal abusers group (Image courtesy of Reddit)

Screenshots from ‘cat abuser’ groups reveal Xu’s fellow animal torturers rallying in support of the culprit. They threaten to hold a mass livestream event which features more cats tortured to death. The threats have shocked people around the globe.

These cat abuse groups comprise not only adults but also many students and minors. One group member who claims to be 10 years old, openly admits to enjoying cat abuse. He even challenges others by them to take action against him, as he is a minor.

Why is cat abuse a major phenomenon in China?

China has a law called the Wild Animal Protection Law that aims to safeguard rare wildlife, but it doesn’t have a general Animal Welfare Act. As a result, abuse towards animals like cats and dogs, who don’t come under protection in specific laws, remain legal.

In recent times, the issue of cat abuse has become widespread, leading to the formation of numerous cat abuse chat groups on popular Chinese communication apps like QQ and WeChatMembers of these groups openly share their experiences of cat abuse, videos depicting the abuse, and even sell such content for profit. 

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