Ryan Gosling will be seen as Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie
Ryan Gosling will be seen as Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie (Image via Warner Bros/ Getty Images / Spiel Times)

Recently, the audiences saw Ryan Gosling’s first look in the upcoming live-action Barbie movie. Well, those who are familiar with Mattel’s past may have recognized him. The bleach-blonde hair, light-wash denim on denim clothing and of course, that cheeky KEN exposed underwear band, make Gosling exactly the type of character needed.

It is well known that both Ken and Barbie have come under fire for endorsing unrealistic body images. However, there are conservatives in the US and other countries who are frequently adamant about boycotting Ken because they believe he is too much of a “feminine” man.

These “feminine”-like components, such as Ken’s overly flamboyant and colorful outfit, and his pink costumes, which is a color that is typically associated with women, have led many to believe that Ken is possibly gay.

Although it is certain that Ryan Gosling will play Ken, it is unclear exactly what type of character he will be portraying.

Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie, but which version?

Ken became as accidental "gay" icon
Ken became as accidental “gay” icon (Image via Warner Bros/ Getty Images / Spiel Times)

Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, is rapidly getting closer to release. Back in July 2019, Margot Robbie unveiled the movie and confirmed she would star as the lead. The news that Ryan Gosling will play Ken increased interest in the picture.

However, the viewers might not be aware of the fact that Ken, or at least a version of him is actually a gay icon and that too accidental. That version is called “Earring Magic Ken”.

Early in the 1990s, girls apparently wanted Barbie’s boyfriend to appear cooler, which is how Earring Magic Ken came into existence. At those times, earrings were pretty significant to the LGBT culture. The release of Earring Magic Ken in 1993 made people conclude that Ken was, in fact, gay. With his blonde highlights, lavender mesh shirt, necklace with a circle charm, and, of course, an earring in his left ear, this particular Ken was quite the fashion star. Additionally, others believed that his jewelry was outright bedazzling.

This more recent “cool” version of Ken, immediately grabbed the attention in the market- for better or for worse. Moreover, this is exactly how Ken became popular and an accidental “gay” icon.

Before the release of Earring Magic Ken, Ken was “just Ken.” Due to the attention and debate this figurine garnered, it ultimately surpassed all previous Ken doll production records for sales.

Some homophobic consumers took immediate exception, referring to Earring Magic Ken as a “gay doll” because of his outrageous clothing choices. Even the necklace’s round ring began to be perceived as “a chrome cock ring.”

On the other hand, while the 90s, and occasionally even contemporary pop culture, stereotyped homosexual men as flashy and flamboyant, many queer men genuinely adored the doll and purchased it in big quantities. Despite being taken out of stores within weeks, these gay men started buying the Ken dolls. This actually made it the best-selling Ken in Barbie history.

Now, the audience is certain that Robbie will play Barbie and Gosling will play Ken. What they are unsure of, though, is which version of Ken Ryan Gosling will be portraying. Is it “Just Ken”? Or is it “Earring Magic Ken”?

Some people are thinking that Earring Magic Ken would officially be among the cast members of Barbie. However, this isn’t far-fetched as Greta Gerwig’s movie is said to include many versions of both Barbie and Ken. People are eager to see where things go because of the thought of bringing back this brief but famous character. They are also eager to see Gosling’s overall chiseled bleach blonde denim style.

You can also share any questions or comments you have about the Barbie movie. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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