Trent Lehrkamp critical party hazing incident Georgia GoFundMe
Trent Lehrkamp critical after brutal hazing incident (Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

Some disturbing news from Georgia as 19-year-old Trent Lehrkamp has been hospitalized in intensive care after a horrifying hazing incident at a party. In the name of ‘fun’, a group of teens had tortured and humiliated the young man, forcing him with alcohol and other substances. A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign is underway to seek justice for Trent Lehrkamp and pay for his medical treatment and recovery. 

The inhuman act has sparked outrage among people from the locality as well as social media users around the world. The Glynn County Police Department is conducting an investigation into the Trent Lehrkamp party hazing incident which happened on St. Simons Island. The teenager has been on life support for a week since the incident. Hundreds of people gathered outside the hospital’s parking lot for a prayer vigil.

19-year-old Trent Lehrkamp tortured by group of teens in hazing party incident

The events unfolded during a spring break house party on St Simons Island, where the supposed hazing ceremony went spiraling out of control. Trent Lehrkamp was forced by his peers to consume dangerously excessive amounts of alcohol. 

Trent Lehrkamp brutal hazing incident teens party Goergia
Image courtesy of Atlanta News First

After this, they forced him to ingest psychedelic magic mushrooms which left him unconscious and barely breathing. Reports suggest that the group of teens decided to urinate and defecate on the young man, after which they tied him to a chair and spray-painted him. 

A Snapchat picture has gone viral with the group of accused teenagers and an unconscious Trent Lehrkamp in a chair as they show their middle fingers to the camera.

Trent Lehrkamp’s hospital treatment and police investigation

According to police reports, a group of teenagers had dropped off Trent Lehrkamp at the Southeast Georgia Health Center in Brunswick. The young man’s breathing had slowed down to six breaths per minute and put on a ventilator. 

The county police department did not confirm any specifics about the assailants involved. The attack happened in an affluent area of coastal Georgia. The local public have voiced out their support for Trent Lehrkamp and the need for speedy justice. 

Contrary to early reports, the Georgia youngster does not belong to any autism spectrum. However, his friends and family have stated that he had been battling depression and other mental health issues.

GoFundMe campaign for Trent Lehrkamp and local support

A crowdfunding campaign through GoFundMe has been set up to seek financial support for Trent Lehrkamp’s medical expenses and recover from the hazing incident. The fund has so far raised more than $50,000. 

The page reads that Trent ‘expected to have a casual night with his friends’ but ‘wouldn’t know until it was too late that these were not friends, but vile and abusive perpetrators who would go on to torture, humiliate, and assault him in inhumane, terrifying ways for hours.’

Trent Lehrkamp’s close ones have expressed their sorrow and shock over the incident. The local community has united to bring justice for the young Georgia man and pray for his speedy recovery.

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SOURCES: Atlanta News First