Monopoly game sword fight samurai hospitalized
Monopoly game ends in sword fight (Image courtesy of Hasbro and MiniKatana)

A harmless Monopoly match turned ugly as it resulted in a samurai sword fight leaving two men hospitalized in the end. As per the report by the Belgian publication La Libre Belgique, the incident occurred in Brussels. Four individuals were engaged in a game of Monopoly on the pavement at 5 a.m and soon, things got out of hand. 

Initially, it seemed as if the sword fight broke out between the players after a dispute that happened within the Monopoly game itself. However, the fight started after a father-son duo approached them after they were disturbed by the noise. The son and one of the players were the ones who were injured with the former still critical according to reports. The incident’s bizarre nature has raised a lot of eyebrows in the local Brussels community as well as the internet.

A timeline of events that led to the sword fight after the Monopoly game in Brussels

According to a local outlet, the commotion took place at around 5 a.m. on April 2 in Forest, Brussels. The group of four individuals were playing the classic strategy game outdoors on the pavement. The players may have been homeless, as stated by France’s Midi Libre.

The disturbance reportedly woke up the neighbors, who came out carrying a stick and confronted the noisy players.  As a result, a heated argument broke out, which further intensified when the neighbor’s son arrived on the scene with a katana. The katana is a curved sword used by the samurai in feudal Japan. 

One of the players tried to grab the sword, and in doing so, removed the scabbard. The police said that during the scuffle that ensued, the son attempted to regain possession of the sword. This led to the scabbard to become damaged and exposed the blade. This resulted in both of them getting injured.

What happened to the hospitalized men after the Monopoly game?

Both of the men suffered severe injuries as they were taken to the hospital for medical attention. The Monopoly player was released the following day. The son, who sustained a deep artery cut during the fight, remained in critical condition at the facility.

Initially, the man’s life was in danger. However, his current condition is unknown. Following the altercation, the area was reportedly stained with blood and scattered with Monopoly cards. 

There has been no response from the Zone de Police Midi, the police force responsible for Forest and the surrounding regions. They have not revealed the identity of the players or the father-son duo who brought out their swords.

Previous isolated incidents like the bizarre Monopoly sword fight

Instances of samurai sword attacks are not unheard of in recent times. For instance, in Los Angeles, a woman who was walking her dog was stabbed with a samurai sword, and her pet was killed in an apparently unprovoked attack in October.

In 2021, the NYPD detained a man wielding a katana sword after he assaulted an officer. The monopoly sword fight incident from Brussels is the latest in a long line of questionable news events.

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