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All of Octopath Traveler 2’s travelers must be gathered, which takes a lot of time. Also, that will eventually necessitate a little amount of boat travel. The central idea of Octopath Traveler II is to enlist the aid of eight different individuals who can lead you on a journey over some coastlines. Ochette is among these characters.

Ochette can be found in Toto’haha Beasting Village, which is in the world’s southeast. Yet the game never explains exactly the process for getting there.

In Octopath Traveler 2, she plays the Hunter, a physically demanding position that offers a number of unusual skills. She can provoke NPCs to fight her monsters during the day and use things to befriend them at night, but these aren’t extremely potent route actions. Her special power to seize monsters and employ them in combat, however, is more advantageous.

Octopath Traveler 2 guide: How to reach Toto’Haha

There are two methods to reach Toto’Haha for the first time depending on your location. If you’re situated on the Eastern continent, you can journey to New Delsta Harbor: Anchorage in the Brightlands area, which can be found on the far left of the Eastern continent. 

On the other hand, if you’re on the Western continent, you can head towards Cannalbrine in Harborlands, one of the game’s initial locations. Hence, it shouldn’t be hard to locate.

If you’re unable to locate any of the anchorages, try finding an Anchor symbol on the map. When you get to an anchorage, interact with the Shipmaster, NPC who is usually located near the Dock, and pay them a small fee to travel to Toto’Haha Beasting Village.

After visiting the town, the fast-travel option to Toto’Haha Beasting village will become available. Later on, you will also unlock and obtain a Boat. Hence, you can cruise across the ocean to Toto’Haha whenever you wish.

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