Cat blender video viral social media
Viral video of cat in a blender sparks outrage (Image courtesy of KnowYourMeme)

A disturbing video depicting a cat being put in a blender has caused outrage on Twitter. Many have expressed their horror upon watching it and urged others not to share it any further. TikTok users have taken to the platform to uncover the source of the video and identify the person responsible for the heinous act. They intend to report them to the authorities. The video’s graphic content has left people scarred, prompting authorities to search for more information to find out where it came from.

As the video continued to circulate, it began to inspire memes and posts expressing anger and sadness over the clip. Some users even created memes to suggest what they would do to the person responsible for the video if they encountered them in real life. Some people think the video was made in China because of the writing on the blender.

Exploring the viral video of a cat in a blender 

On Tuesday, Twitter users began circulating the video where the cat was killed using a blender. The origin of the video remains unclear. Yet, many people are speculating about who committed such a heinous and disturbing act.

Due to its graphic nature, the original viral clip will not be shared here directly. The video contains material that may be harmful or traumatizing to viewers. Watch it here at your own risk.

The clip depicts the cat being placed into a blender and undergoing fatal torture. After that, the cat is taken out and put into a microwave oven. All this takes place while people can be heard laughing in the background.

Following the video’s circulation, social media users began searching for more information. They attempt to identify and publicly expose the person who blended the cat, to bring him to justice.

Social media reactions to the disturbing incident

The viral video depicting a cat being tortured in a blender has generated various reactions from netizens. While some expressed sadness, others were traumatized by the graphic nature of the footage. 

Cat blender video reactions
Image courtesy of Twitter

This act of violence has led to heated discussions online about animal cruelty and the necessity of stricter laws to safeguard animals. Several TikTok users have shared the video to raise awareness about the shocking incident.

However, some are concerned that the continued circulation of the clip could inspire similar acts or trigger traumatic memories. Despite these concerns, netizens are constantly advocating for strict action against animal cruelty.

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