Jeremy Renner's first interview after snow plow accident (Image courtesy of ABC News)

Marvel’s Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner has opened up in an interview for the first time after his near-fatal snow plow accident. The 52-year-old actor emotionally interacts with Diane Sawyer in an upcoming ABC News interview. Jeremy Renner spoke about how it was his ‘choice to survive’ after breaking 30 bones in the accident and how he would do it all again to save his nephew’s life. 

A new teaser-trailer for the Jeremy Renner interview includes the 911 call for help where the actor could be heard screaming in pain. The interview also features footage of his recovery phase and how the actor has been using social media to keep his fans updated on his progress. 

Titled “Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview – A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph”, ABC News will air the actor’s emotional tell-all on April 6, 2023. This comes just ahead of the actor’s new Disney+ series premiere of Rennervations.

Jeremy Renner describes his snow plow accident experience in new interview

According to Jeremy Renner, he was “awake through every moment” of the snow plow accident which happened in early January. The seven-ton machine ended up crushing the man and his survival and recovery have been nothing short of miraculous.

The events unfolded when Jeremy Renner was trying to help his nephew free his car from the snow. In his attempt to save his nephew, the Sno-cat crushed the actor which led to blunt chest trauma and dozens of broken bones. 

Jeremy Renner first interview snow plow accident
Image courtesy of Jeremy Renner’s Instagram

However, Renner claims that he would go through it all again if it meant saving his nephew’s life like he did. His nephew comments that he thought Renner had died after seeing a pool of blood near his head.

The actor reveals that he said “I am sorry” to his family in sign language when he was in the hospital bed. He says that he “chose to survive” past this harrowing experience.

Detailed list of Jeremy Renner’s injuries from the accident

In the teaser trailer for the interview, Diane Sawyer lists down all of the injuries that Jeremy Renner had suffered in the snow plow accident as the actor emotionally listens to her. 

The interviewer reads: “Eight ribs broken in 14 places. Right knee, right ankle broken, left leg tibia broken, left ankle broken, right clavicle broken, right shoulder broken. Face, eye socket, jaw, mandible broken. Lung collapsed. Liver pierced from the rib bone.”

Jeremy Renner considers himself to be a lucky man for surviving this ordeal and that he was worried he would look like a science experiment with just a brain and a spine.

Furthermore, the actor believes that he may have lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experience. But he has been refueled and refilled with love and titanium.

Jeremy Renner’s upcoming work with Marvel and Disney+

The Marvel actor is recovering faster than expected from the accident that almost ended his life and career. However, it will take some time until Jeremy Renner will be able to return back to his Hawkeye mode with high-flying stunts.

Coming up next for Jeremy Renner is his latest Disney+ show Rennervations. Here, he  teams up with expert builders to acquire large, decommissioned government vehicles. They re-imagine them as “mind-blowing creations” that will serve kids in communities worldwide.

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SOURCES: ABC News, Disney+