‘I’ll come and go as I please’: Chris Tyson finally opens up on rumors about MrBeast firing him

Chris Tyson MrBeast rumors fired firing

After a long wait, YouTuber Chris Tyson has addressed rumors about being fired from the MrBeast channel. It has been quite obvious that Chris was absent from some of MrBeast’s recent videos, including Jimmy and other crew members’ Japan tour. This led to speculation that MrBeast had dropped his best friend Chris from the team. 

However, MrBeast had already dismissed these claims and defended his relationship with Chris. Chris has recently been open about his journey with hormone replacement therapy. Unfortunately, the YouTuber has been a constant target of transphobic trolling. Let’s find out what the non-binary content creator had to say about these rumors.

Chris Tyson responds to rumors about being fired from the MrBeast channel

Chris Tyson made it loud and clear that he has not been removed from MrBeast’s crew. Instead, he claims to be exercising his freedom to come and go from the team as he pleases. He mentioned his desire to prioritize spending time with his two-year-old son, Tucker. Since MrBeast travels a lot, Chris has been taking breaks from the team to be with his family.

During a Snapchat live stream, Chris shared an example of his recent travels, where he went to Japan with the team but left when he wanted to and then traveled to Mexico before returning. This example highlights that Chris Tyson is still an active member of the team and maintains a positive relationship with MrBeast.

The rumors about Chris gained momentum after some Twitter users noticed that MrBeast had unfollowed him on Instagram, which turned out to be false. This led to speculation that Chris might have been fired due to his recent gender transition.

Chris Tyson’s gender change and HRT controversy 

Chris has faced backlash and criticism from some online personalities, such as Sneako, who have shared harmful and problematic takes on transgender individuals. This has contributed to a hostile environment for Chris and others like him.

However, MrBeast has publicly supported Chris ever since he announced his hormone replacement therapy journey. He has called the backlash against Chris “absurd” and emphasized that Chris is his friend, not a “nightmare.” 


MrBeast’s support for Chris makes it unlikely that he would fire him due to his gender transition. The rumors about Chris’s firing highlight the challenges that transgender individuals face in society, including online harassment and discrimination.

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