JiDion livestreamed his arrest
JiDion posed for thumbnail, while livestreaming his arrest (Image via Instagram/jidion)

The content creator JiDion was recently arrested on Sunday, April 16, 2023. He decided to live-stream his arrest on Instagram, with over 25k viewers. The prankster had an active warrant against him since last month after recording a video with a fellow YouTuber, Damii. JiDion failed to pay for the warrant, which resulted in his detention.

During the arrest, JiDion asked the officer if he could take a few thumbnails for a video, to which the officer obliged. After getting permission from the officer, the creator struck various poses as he was being handcuffed, capturing the moment for his viewers. He then said goodbye to his audience before ending the livestream.

However, he soon updated his fans about his release from the station in an Instagram story.

JiDion is out of jail
JiDion updated his fans after the arrest on Instagram story (Image via Instagram/jidion)

The YouTuber live-streamed his arrest on social media

In the recent live-stream, he said he was stopped by the police numerous times in the last week. However, this time he was finally detained. JiDion started his video by saying:
“And track of how many times I’ve gotten pulled over and went live. Like, it’s actually ridiculous.”

JiDion then noticed his manager had joined the livestream and promptly told him to get in touch with his lawyer, as he was likely to be arrested soon. He also revealed that the arrest was due to an outstanding warrant that he could have easily paid but chose not to, as he wanted to create a video for his followers.

The YouTuber did a brief countdown before the police interrupted him and asked him to step out of his vehicle. The officer told JiDion that while he was willing to let the content creator go with a warning, the station wanted him detained. The police officer said:

“Okay, well, you have an active warrant in Harris County. And… I’m just going to give you a warning but they want to place a hold. So, you have to come with me.”

The creator obliged but also asked if he could record a thumbnail for his video. He then struck poses from a variety of angles before bidding farewell to his viewers and ending the livestream.

The complete story behind JiDion’s arrest

Last week, the streamer informed his followers that there was a warrant out for his arrest in the city of Houston. The warrant was issued on account of criminal trespassing while recording a video for Damii’s YouTube channel titled “My College Professors Rejected Me! FT. JiDion.” In the video, the YouTuber assisted Damii in proposing to a university professor.

He posted the information on his alternative Twitter account @lidion.
He also shared that he couldn’t avoid Houston, since that is where the creator resides.

On the same day, he posted a picture of himself in from of a police station, where he held a board saying “L+Ration,” in the picture.

JiDion is known for creating unbelievable videos that often get him in trouble with authority. Followers are wondering about what’s next for the prankster.

You can also share any questions you have about JiDion. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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