Jumping is the first step to bouncing in Fortnite
Jumping is the first step to bouncing in Fortnite - Image via Fortnite

Epic introduces new challenges to Fortnite every week of a season. And on this fourth week, they introduced a new challenge, This Session. Challenges in Fortnite gain you a chunky amount of experience points. Completing these helps you level up the battle pass faster.

These weekly challenges sometimes comes with a few unique tests. And in the same fashion, This Session requires you to jump off of three different objects. this guide will handhold you through the process thoroughly.

How to complete This Session challenge in Fortnite on week 4

Fortnite has been for a long time, THE battle royale to attract one of the highest number of players over a long period of time. And these challenges add a bit of frosting on the cake. Some are a bit meticulous sometimes though.

This Session challenge in the game asks you to bounce off of a tire, lily pad, and an air vent. Completing all of these earns you the XP points as the reward. Here is how you can overcome these obstacles.

Finding and bouncing off of a tire

Pile of tires in Fortnite
Pile of tires in Fortnite – Image via Fortnite

Found anywhere near a landmark with buildings, it is best to look for a tire in the norther part of the location. The landmark called Slap n’ Go is the spot you need to visit to easily take care of this challenge.

While the area is not a hot-drop location, there might be players jumping in since This Session dropped this week. So, be on the lookout for enemies all over your head. Once you reach the spot, make sure to clear the whole landmark. Completing this chalks off the first stage of This Session in Fortnite week 4.

Upon clearing it, head to the eastern edge where a building stands. Right beside it, you will find a small pile of tires, about three of them just beside the Holo Chests. Simply get close and jump on one of those. That action alone will trigger the recoil effect on the tire and bounce you off of it.


Finding and bouncing off of a lily pad

A lily pad in the Steamy Springs region
A lily pad in the Steamy Springs region – Image via Fortnite

Lily pads grow on water, and what does that remind you? Yep, Steamy Springs should be the initial guess. Well, heading west will land you on Whispering Waters. This is the best place to find a lily pad without much hassle.

Since Steamy Springs ends up being a hot-drop zone sometimes, it is usually a very dangerous zone to drop into. To avoid all the action, you can drop directly on Whispering Waters landmark.

However, we advice you to drop in the Springs to secure gear and clear the landmark for the ease of access. And if all of this feels like too much to take, you can always look for otherwise available small water bodies around the island. Just like a pile of tires, you can simply jump on one of the lily pads to bounce off.

This crosses off the second stage of This Session challenge in Fortnite.

Finding and bouncing off of an air vent

Air vents in Fortnite
Air vents in Fortnite – Image via Fortnite

An air vent being a mechanical object, Mega City will be the spot you need look into. Air vents can be found atop any high-rise building in the big region. Grind Rail can be used to reach these elevations or you can simply take the Ascender.

Stray's location in Mega City
Stray’s location in Mega City – Image via Fortnite.gg

One can be found on the very building where the NPC Stray spawns. In order to complete this final stage of the This Session challenge in Fortnite, you simply need to jump on one of the air vents. Usually, helpful in getaway scenarios, you can bounce off of one to avoid any damage, unless you fall to the ground. During these jumps, you can zero damage.