Fortnite x Transformers: Tier 100 Skin | How to get Optimus Prime?
Fortnite x Transformers (Image by Spiel Times)

Epic Games cannot stop surprising its fans with amazing collaborations over and over. If, over the years, any game has impressed players around the world the most, it would be Fortnite. With constant collaborations with popular movies, anime franchises, and whatnot, Fortnite keeps its player captivated and wanting more. It has been long rumored that Fortnite x Transformers will be coming soon, and since it is almost confirmed, here is how you can get Optimus Prime Tier 100 skin along with the release date and other expected Transformer skins.

Fortnite x Transformers Skin

  • Transformers have been a long-running franchise with fans all around the world. Therefore, it was about time that these auto-bots were added to Fortnite.
  • The new theme of Fortnite Chapter 4 Episode 3 was revealed to be “WILDS,” with a trailer showing a scene set in a tropical jungle. This reminds us of the new Transformers movie “Rise of the Beasts, ” which has the same vibe. Usually, Fortnite follows a pattern of collaborations with currently trending movies. Most of the community feels sure that Transformers skins are coming to Fortnite this season.
  • From the leaks surfacing online by the data miners, we can expect Optimus Prime (of course!), Bumblebee (fan-favorite), and maybe a few other Decepticons as a part of this collaboration. However, there aren’t any announcements from Epic Games yet.

DISCLAIMER: These are merely speculations. Please take these with a grain of salt.

How to get Optimus Prime and other Fortnite x Transformers skins?

  • From a trusted leaker that has predicted many upcoming skins in Fortnite, Optimus Prime skin will be added as the 100-tier skin you get from the Battle Pass. Players should buy the Fortnite Chapter 4 Episode 3 Battle pass and complete the quests to get this skin.
  • Once you reach Level 100 in the Battle Pass, you can unlock Optimus Prime skins in Fortnite.
  • We expect Fortnite x Transformers to follow the same pattern as the AoT collab. Therefore, we feel the other Fortnite x Transformers skins that are not Optimus Prime will appear to buy in the item shop.

Fortnite x Transformers: Optimus Prime skins’ possible release date

Since Fortnite x Transformers Optimus Prime skin is expected to be a Tier 100 Battle Pass skin, we can expect this skin to come out simultaneously as Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. The new season is expected to begin on 9th June 2023. Other Fortnite x Transformers skins should be available from the day as well.

Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement from Epic Games. What we can do is wait for a while until the new season starts. By then, Fortnite has already revealed the skins included in the Battle Pass.

What is your favorite skin in Fortnite? Are you excited about this upcoming collaboration? Also, if you have any questions regarding Fortnite x Transformers Skin, possible release date, and how to get Optimus Prime, feel free to ask in the comments below. We would love to answer all your questions.

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