Green Mother's club, Hi Bye, Mama, Remarriage & Desires  and other K- dramas to watch this Mother's Day
Green Mother's club, Hi Bye, Mama, Remarriage & Desires  and other K- dramas to watch this Mother's Day (Image via Netflix / Spiel Times)

Whether it’s sports, webtoon adaptations, inspirational female leads, or swoon-worthy love romances, K-Dramas never fail to deliver a diversity of themes and genres. Audiences frequently see women in K-Dramas with a variety of personalities and traits, but they always share the same trait- a constant desire to provide the finest upbringing possible for their kids. So in honor of Mother’s Day, this list is going to talk about moms from all K-Drama genres and highlight how incredible they are both as mothers and as people. Therefore, here is a list of 5 K-Dramas with strong maternal figures and mothers.

5 Best K-dramas you should watch on Mother’s Day

1) Hi Bye, Mama

Hi Bye, Mama is an amazing K-Drama
Hi Bye, Mama is an amazing K-Drama (Image via Netflix)

Platform- Netflix 

  • Hi Bye, Mama is one of the amazing K-Dramas. Kim Tae-hee’s character, Mother Cha Yu-ri, perished in a sad accident five years ago.  She has been a lingering ghost for all these years, yearning for motherhood she was wrongfully denied. However, as a result of a reincarnation project, she has the opportunity to revert to being human.
  • She was permitted to return and complete her unfinished business within 49 days on Earth. Nevertheless, she was shocked to learn that her husband had already remarried and was living with her little daughter in a new house. Now, she must be successful in reclaiming her position as the wife of her husband and the mother of her daughter.
  • The viewers will cry, laugh, and think about the meaning of life and death as they watch this series. This will make you feel the warmth of a mother’s love.

2) When the Camellia Blooms

Catch When the Camellia Blooms only on Netflix
Catch When the Camellia Blooms only on Netflix (Image via Netflix)

Platform- Netflix 

  • When the Camellia Blooms features a tough mother as its main character despite being a comedy-thriller drama. A single parent named Dong Baek relocates with his child to a different place. Oh Dong Baek, played by Gong Hyo-jin, is a tough and tenacious lady.
  • She launches The Camellia restaurant and bar on her own in the new town in order to start over. She immediately becomes the focus of the town’s intrigue, rumors, and bullying. When Hwang Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul), a local police officer, develops feelings for Dong Baek, things become more problematic.
  • Additionally, Dong Baek is dealing with a mystery case because “the Joker”, a serial killer, has just arrived and is terrorizing everyone. If you love K-Dramas, you should definitely watch this one.

3) Sky Castle

Catch When the Sky Castle only on Viki Rakuten
Catch When the Sky Castle only on Viki Rakuten (Image via Viki Rakuten)

Platform- Viki Rakuten

  • The Sky Castle, an exclusive neighborhood for aristocrats and powerful families, is reserved for the perfect, and opulent families. The mothers of these families intend to surpass one another by gaining admission for their kids to the top schools and tutors. There is psychological warfare taking place inside the glittering halls of Sky Castle.
  • The overbearing wife of a doctor, Han Seo-jin (Yum Jung-ah), is determined to enroll her eldest daughter at Seoul Medical School. Her close friend Jin Jin Hee (Oh Na-ra), an aspirational woman, likewise hopes her kid will be accepted to Seoul Medical School. On the other hand, the family of novelist Soo-im (Lee Tae-ran) is frequently despised since they are from a lowly background.
  • Asian families, as you would know, place a high value on their children’s success as a reflection of their own. They will stop at nothing to provide them with the greatest tutors, schools, and environments possible. The Sky Castle is a K-drama about this.

4) Green Mothers’ Club

One should definitely watch Green Mothers’ Club
You should definitely watch Green Mothers’ Club (Image via Netflix)

Platform- Netflix 

  • There are no heroes or villains in this tale, only five Asian mothers competing for a spot in the same elite elementary school. These mothers have elementary-aged children, but they aren’t worried about play dates or hobby courses. They are competing with one another and pushing their children to achieve academic achievement.
  • The ambitious mothers in this drama are played by Lee Yo-won, Jang Hye-jin, Kim Gyu-ri, Choo Ja-hyun, and Joo Min-kyung, all of whom come from different origins. These very competitive mothers already have their sights set on the best institutions, and what comes next is a game of survival of the smartest that involves strategy, deception, and a number of secrets that are just waiting to be revealed.
  • As the audiences follow these mothers’ determination and cunning as they battle for the best futures for their kids, they’ll watch relationships change in unexpected ways. In the end, it’s best to keep the friends close but the enemies closer.

5) Remarriage & Desires 

Platform- Netflix 

Remarriage & Desires is a great K- drama to watch
Remarriage & Desires is a great K-Drama to watch (Image via Netflix)
  • The main character in Remarriage & Desires is a matchmaker who only deals with the ultra-rich elite. Rex, a matchmaking service, targets the wealthiest and most affluent individuals. Their customers want to marry or remarry in order to become or remain members of the affluent class. Customers sign up with Rex for their own reasons, including Seo Hye-seung, and Lee Hyeong-joo.
  • Hye-seung is a mother who got into the business by mistake and used it as a justification to exact revenge on her ex-husband’s crafty lover. Moreover, the ex-partner also killed himself. Now, Seo Hye-seung seeks retribution.

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