The Academy Awards banned celebrities list
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The Academy Awards better, known as Oscars, have banned many celebrities from attending their annual event. One of the most well-known is Will Smith, who slapped Chris Rock last year for his comments.

This prestigious event is noted as the most significant award function held annually in the United States. For the films released in America and across the world throughout the year, an Oscar nomination for their artistic and technical aspects is the utmost achievement.

While attending the awards is in itself an achievement, some celebrities are asked to never return for various reasons. Let’s find out more about the five stars who are banned from the Oscars and the reasons behind their expulsions.

5 celebrities banned from the Oscars: Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and more

 celebrities list
Image courtesy of The Oscars Awards

It’s been 95 years since the The Academy Awards started. The occasions of someone getting banned from the Oscars have been scarce, which makes these actions even more shocking and controversial.

Fans might already be familiar with the events of the 2022 Oscars, which lead to Will Smith’s ban from all the shows for 10 years. Apart from him, there are a couple more film celebrities who have received the red card from the Oscars. Let’s find out more about them.

1) Carmine Caridi

 celebrities list
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Carmine Caridi, famous for The Godfather 2 and NYPD Blue, received the first expulsion at the Oscars. The Academy Awards banned him in 2004 for piracy allegations. The event organized multiple screenings for the jury members to decide their votes. Allegedly, Caridi misused the screeners and pirated them online. In light of this, the Oscars banned him from the organization.

2) Harvey Weinstein

The Oscars Awards celebrities list
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Producer Harvey Weinstein is famous for producing Best Picture winners and for altering the look of the Oscars as well. The Academy Awards banned him in 2017 following the revelations of his sexual assault allegations. The Oscars also created a code of conduct, which states that “The Academy condone people who use their status, power, and influence to violate the standards of decency.”

3) Bill Cosby

The Oscars Academy Awards banned celebrities list
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Bill Cosby received the title of America’s Dad at one point for his famous portrayal of Cliff Huxtable in The Cosby Show. The Academy Awards banned him in 2018 within a month of his conviction for drugging and sexually assaulting basketball player Andrea Constand.

4) Roman Polanski

The Oscars Awards celebrities list
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Roman Polanski, who is famous for directing the Oscar-winning film, Pianist, didn’t receive a ban until later with the formation of a code of conduct. The Academy Awards banned him in 2018 for fleeing to France in 1977 following sexual assault allegations. However, the Oscars never stripped him of the awards, which he didn’t receive personally due to being wanted by U.S. authorities.

5) Adam Kimmel

The Academy Awards banned celebrities list
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Adam Kimmel is famous for his cinematography in Lars and the Real Girl and Capote. The Academy Awards banned him in 2021 for violating their code of conduct with his history of being a sexual offender. The Oscars decided to ban him indefinitely following the revelations of Kimmel’s two arrests for assaulting minors.

The Oscars have become stricter with their code of conduct over the years to match their prestigious standing. Will Smith, who received a suspension in 2022 for 10 years due to violence, is an example of that.

Furthermore, The 95th Oscars Awards are going to premiere live on ABC from the Dolby Theatre on March 12, 2023.

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