Bts K-drama Recommendations Jungkook The Glory
BTS still from Life Goes On Mv (Image courtesy of BigHit)

In a recent Vlive, BTS’ Jungkook reenacted scenes from Netflix’s The Glory and shared that he is enjoying the K-drama. This isn’t the first time a global K-pop idol has shared their drama recommendations with their fans.

Although BTS members are usually busy with their schedules recording new music, shooting for advertisements, and music videos, they always try to invest some time in relaxing and rejuvenating.

The group’s leader RM’s leisure activities of visiting art museums, galleries, and nature have coined a new term called Namjooning. In the same way, the artists sometimes just like to relax at home and catch up with Korean dramas.

6 best K-drama recommendations by BTS

Bts K-drama Recommendations Jungkook The Glory
BTS stills from Life Goes On Mv (Image courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC)

The world-famous singers BTS have always been appreciative of various artists from all walks of entertainment. Many of their Bangtan Bombs and Vlives feature them enjoying music and literature as they wait for their shoots.

The members have also shared various K-dramas they enjoyed in interviews. Out of these, this article will present some of the best that BTS and K-drama audiences prefer.

1) Kingdom – Jimin

While interacting with fans, Jimin mentioned enjoying Kingdom K-drama in response to their questions. When prompted to share his experience, he mentioned that it features many scary elements.

Kingdom starrs Ju Ji-Hoon and Kim Hye-Jun and is a period zombie K-drama. It is set in the unsettled kingdom of the Joseon Dynasty where a King is kept in isolation after he collapses due to smallpox. The Crown Prince will have to deal with the new zombie pandemic while he tries to regain his rights to the throne as an illegitimate son.

2) Sweet Home – RM

During an interaction with fans, RM answered their question about what he had been recently enjoying, by mentioning various books, music, and series. He also mentioned enjoying the Sweet Home K-drama, stating it was worth watching.

Sweet Home starring Song Kang is a fantasy-apocalyptic drama. It follows Cha Hyun-Soo, who shifts into an apartment building due to a tragedy, however, he soon has to face larger troubles. The city is attacked by monstrous creatures and people are locked inside in fear for their life.

3) Squid Game – Taehyung

Kim Taehyung was swept up with Netflix’s popular K-drama Squid Game when it first released. The singer also dressed up as one of the pink guards during their Permission To Dance world tour in LA in 2021.

Squid Game starring Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-Soo follows 456 players who join a survival game show due to their financial debts. However, they will have to bet their lives while playing nostalgic games. The show received critical acclaim for portraying social problems.

4) Sky Castle – Suga, RM, and Jin

RM mentioned his excitement to catch the show’s finale and Suga shared how RM wouldn’t let him watch the show to avoid spoilers. The group’s member Jin also mentioned watching Sky Castle due to all the hype.

Sky Castle starring Yum Jung-Ah and Oh Na-Ra is a melodrama set in a high-class neighborhood named Sky Castle. The drama follows four families as they push the limits to provide the best education for their children. This K-drama set new records with its take on Korea’s education system.

5) Twenty-Five Twenty-One – Jungkook

Apart from Netflix’s The Glory, BTS’ Jungkook also mentioned watching Twenty-Five Twenty-One. He uploaded a screenshot of the K-drama through his Instagram account to share his enjoyment with fans.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One starring Kim Tae-Hee and Nam Joo-Hyuk is a nostalgic coming-of-age K-drama. It is set in 1988 and follows the budding romance of Na Hee Do, an ambitious fencing player on the High school team, and Baek Yi-Jin, who raises from his family’s financial crisis and becomes a sports journalist.

6) Crash Landing On You – J-hope

During a Vlive, J-hope mentioned watching and enjoying K-drama Crash Landing On You. He also mentioned his wish to experience something similar in the future.

Crash Land On You starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin is a romantic K-drama. It follows the dramatic and comedic romance of heiress Yoon Se-Ri and North Korean soldier Ri Jyeong-Hyeok as Se Ri accidentally lands in North Korea after a paragliding accident.

Apart from this, BTS have also mentioned watching Lee Min-Ho starrer Boys Over Flowers. They previously also reenacted a parody of the K-drama. Moreover, they also acted along some of the famous lines from Guardian: The Loney and Great God and Hotel Del Luna during a BTS Run episode. Now, fans can add Jungkook’s The Glory reenaction during Vlive to the growing list.

How many of the K-dramas have you watched and what are the K-dramas that you would like to recommend to BTS? Let us know in the comments below and follow Spiel Times for more K-drama and K-pop content.

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