Exploring 5 celebrities who tried dating apps as Bridgerton 3 lead Luke Newton allegedly joins Raya

Bridgerton 3 lead Luke Newton has allegedly split up with his West End star, girlfriend Jade Davies. The celebrity couple was dating since 2019 and according to a source of The Sun, they have decided to split after drifting apart. In addition to this, Luke Newton has reportedly joined celebrities on the dating app Raya in hopes of discovering love.

Many celebrities have been open about using dating apps to find love online. Stars such as Eric Stonestreet and Chelsea Handler have been open about using Tinder and Bumble, however, many well-known names have opted for Raya as well.

Raya launched in 2015 and is an exclusive dating and connecting app for people in creative fields. Previously, Demi Lovato confessed to using the dating app in her 2016 documentary, Simply Complicated. Channing Tatum also joined the app in November 2019, following his breakup with Jessie J. Lizzo also joined to match with John Mayer, while Niall Horan was allegedly on the app in 2018, following his breakup with Hailee Steinfeld.

Apart from them, let’s find out other celebrities who tried to find love online.

5 celebrities like Luke Newton who gave dating app Raya a chance to discover love

1) Amy Schumer

Bridgerton 3 Luke Newton dating app
Amy Schumer (Image courtesy of Amy Schumer via Instagram)

Comedian Amy Schumer disclosed using the dating app Raya in her book The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. Although she didn’t name it, she recalled signing up with her friend Vanessa Bayer. This also ultimately led her to date her ex-boyfriend Ben Hanisch, who revealed that Schumer posted herself wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap as her profile photo on the app.

2) Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore shared her experience with dating apps on Ellen DeGeneres show. Previously, she also compared the app with “looking through US Weekly” during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. She admitted to being terrible, getting stood up, and not matching with anybody. Overall, Barrymore described her experience with the dating app Raya as fun.

3) Joe Jonas

Before Joe Jonas met his wife Sophie Turner, he was known to be cruising the online dating scene, according to Page Six. The singer himself confirmed the rumor in 2022 during an interview with Vanity FairHe was asked about his presence on the dating app during their lie detector test and he admitted to using it by saying “Who wasn’t?”

4) Katie Thurstan

Celebrity dating app online dating Raya
Katie Thurstan (Image courtesy of Katie Thurstan via Instagram)

In July 2022, the former Bachelorette disclosed using Raya following her break up with John Hearsay. She talked about her experience in a TikTok video, saying she thought it would take a long time to get approved. The Washington-native joined the app thinking she would apply then and start dating six months later, however, the app approved her right away. She specifically joined in hopes of finding friendship but after a few days, she got unmatched.

5) Olivia Rodrigo

Celebrity dating app online dating Raya
Olivia Rodrigo (Image courtesy of Olivia Rodrigo via Instagram)

Singer Olivia Rodrigo joined the dating app Raya for a very short time. She revealed to GQ in their September 2021 issue that she joined in search of her “the one.” However, her quest was short-lived. She said that she had Raya for a second but it turned out to be “vomit” and she just couldn’t use the app, hence she left it soon.

In the time of technological advancement and especially following the pandemic everything is much more accessible online, including romance. Apart from the celebrities listed above, Andy Cohen, Brandi Cyrus, Emma Hernan, Liza Koshy, and Chet Hanks have mentioned using Raya as well.

Meghan King confessed to matching with her ex-husband Cuffe Ownes through the dating app. Moreover, Olympian Simone Biles also found her match Jonathan Owens online.

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