Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto Shippuden
Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto Shippuden (Image via Pierrot Studio)

Naruto Shippuden is a popular anime series that features a variety of fighting techniques called jutsus. One of the most intriguing of these is genjutsu. It is a powerful ability that allows users to manipulate their opponents’ senses. Further, it leads them to experience illusions that can cause them to stray from reality.

Genjutsus were first introduced as a technique used by the Uchiha clan, one of the most powerful in the Naruto universe. These jutsus can be used to make an opponent believe that they are experiencing something unreal. It is one of the most powerful tool in battle as it can distract an opponent or even incapacitate them. This article will explore the five most powerful genjutsus used in Naruto Shippuden.

Exploring 5 most powerful genjutsus in Naruto Shippuden

1) Infinite Tsukuyomi Genjutsu

Sasuke against infinite tsukuyomi in Naruto Shippuden
Sasuke against infinite tsukuyomi in Naruto Shippuden (Image via Pierrot Studio)

Infinite Tsukuyomi is a powerful genjutsu that requires the user’s Rinne Sharingan to be reflected off the moon. The method to achieve this varies between users. Once cast, the penetrating light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi shines across the world, trapping all those who fall under its gaze in the genjutsu.

Victims are immobilized and easily wrapped by the bark of the God Tree’s roots. Over time, they are drained of their life energy, personalities, and defining features, converting them into White Zetsu.

Certain individuals are immune to the technique, including the dead brought back with Impure World Reincarnation and those whose body Black Zetsu coats. However, Rinnegan users can block the light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi and release those trapped within its dreams by forming the Rat Hand Seal together.

2) Kotoamatsukami Genjutsu

Kotoamatsukami is a powerful genjutsu technique used in the Naruto universe. It allows the user to manipulate an individual’s mind by making them believe in false experiences and act as per the user’s will. The victim is entirely unaware that they are being controlled. The technique requires a specific dojutsu and can only be used once every 10 years, but possessing Hashirama Senju’s chakra can reduce this period. 

Shisui Uchiha created the technique, but Danzo Shimura stole his eye to gain access to it. The technique takes inspiration from the five Shinto gods who appeared at the beginning of the universe. Due to its ability to manipulate individuals without their knowledge, Kotoamatsukami is regarded as a technique of the highest caliber.

3) Tsukuyomi Genjutsu

Tsukuyomi is a tremendously dangerous genjutsu technique used by Itachi Uchiha in Naruto Shippuden. It involves trapping the target in an illusion created by Itachi after making eye contact. Through Tsukuyomi, Itachi can subject victims to days’ worth of torture in mere seconds by altering their perception of time. The illusions are in an inverted grayscale with a red moon in the anime. 

Countering Tsukuyomi with ordinary methods is futile due to its immense power and speed, but it requires a lot of chakra, making it impractical for Itachi to continue fighting. Once the illusion is complete, victims usually fall into a coma, and only highly skilled Sharingan users can break free. The psychological damage caused by Tsukuyomi can only be healed by Tsunade. One second in Tsukuyomi’s illusion is 1 x 10-11 seconds in real time.

4) Izanami Genjutsu

Izanami is a formidable genjutsu technique in Naruto Shippuden. It manipulates the target’s consciousness by using shared physical sensations between the user and target to create an illusion. To activate Izanami, the user must remember physical sensations of their own and their opponent’s body and then replicate those sensations with their Sharingan. This creates an infinite loop of events, which entraps the victim’s consciousness. 

While under the influence of Izanami, the target remains motionless as the loop replays in their mind. The technique is named after a Shintō goddess who, according to legend, cursed her husband. Izanami is considered a kinjutsu, which should only be used to help friends who have lost their way.

5) Izanagi Genjutsu

Izanagi is a genjutsu capable of manipulating reality itself by creating an illusion in Naruto Shippuden. As long as the technique is active, the user has control over what is real and what is not. The Uchiha clan, descendants of the Sage of Six Paths, perform Izanagi using their Sharingan. However, in exchange for this powerful ability, the user’s Sharingan becomes blind. To maximize Izanagi’s duration, the user needs to recreate the Sage’s chakra by having genetic material from the Sage’s other descendants, the Senju.

Izanagi can also be programmed to activate under certain conditions. The technique is named after Izanagi, a Shintō god and husband of Izanami. According to a legend, Izanagi goes to Yomi, the Japanese underworld, to retrieve Izanami. However, he looks back and sees her in a decayed form, and she curses him, leading to a conflict between them.

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