“1 million is the threshold for not being corrupt” – Netizens react to Twitter restoring legacy blue checks for high profile accounts

Social Media platform Twitter is going through multiple changes under the leadership of Elon Musk. One of its recent changes was related to the legacy blue checks. However, after chaos, the Twitter blue ticks are back again for accounts featuring more than 1 million followers. Beyonce, Kobe Bryant, Richard Osman, and many more are again featuring Twitter blue checks on their account even though they haven’t subscribed to the feature.

Elon Musk abolished the free blue tick authentication system in one of his recent changes. According to the announcements blue ticks were taken down from all the major accounts of celebrities and public figures unless they subscribed to Twitter Blue.

All the accounts that didn’t pay for the feature started to lose their badges on April 20. This gave a rise to trolls creating fake accounts and spreading chaos across the platform. Following this netizens have noted that many major accounts are regaining their legacy blue checks although they haven’t paid for them.

Twitter is restoring legacy blue checks for high-profile accounts

Before Elon Musk changed the criteria of legacy blue checks, they were a symbol of verification provided for free from Twitter. It was a tool for authentification to avoid fake accounts impersonating and spreading misinformation about celebrities and public figures.

Musk abolished this system and launched a service called Twitter Blue. The users can now subscribe to blue checks for approximately $8 per month. The verification process is also shortened to the payment regardless of what is the identity of the account holder.

Most of the Twitter users that didn’t pay for Twitter Blue began losing their checks on April 20. This ensued chaos over the platform as trolls quickly started to impersonate various accounts. Fake accounts of Chicago and Illinois transportation announced the closure of DuSable Lake Short Drive misleading 100k users.

However, following the chaos many celebrities are noting the restoration of the blue marks although they haven’t paid for the service. According to BBC, the Broadcaster James O’Brian has regained his blue tick after losing it. He also confirmed regaining the check without subscribing to Twitter Blue.

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson joked his disappearing and reappearing of the blue check is one of the mysteries of the universe.

Netizens react to the return of Twitter blue checks for high-profile accounts

Following the restoration of Twitter blue ticks celebrities began to share their confusion about the change. Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander also expressed his confusion regarding the Twitter Verification.


Many netizens commented that accounts with more than a million followers are allegedly regaining their verification with the misleading message of having subscribed to Twitter Blue. Meanwhile, many noted that accounts with less than 1 million followers are also regaining the checks.



Netizens also clarified the previous accounts of celebrities who are no longer among us are regaining the blue checks although their family members haven’t purchased the Twitter Blue subscription.


Elon Musk confirmed paying for the subscription on behalf of Stephen King, William Shatner, and Lebron James who previously criticized the monetization of the feature. However, he hasn’t clarified the reasons behind the restoration of Twitter Verification.


Twitter hasn’t disclosed the number of subscribers at the time of writing the article. According to TechCrunch, the platform has approximately 386,000 subscribers to Twitter Blue in March 2023.

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