10 Best Bat Pokemon – Ranked

Bat Pokemons

Are you fond of Bat-type Pokemons? Well, we’ll be ranking the 10 best Bat Pokemons of all time here, so stick with us to know more!

10 Woobat

Bat Pokemon Woobat
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

Woobat, introduced in Generation V, starts the list in the top 10 in the best Bat Pokemons. This cute Psychic-Flying type of Pokemon is a fluffy blue bat with its cute, yet deadly front fang, fur covering its eyes, heart-shaped nose, and black wings. Woobat can easily be taken apart from the Bat species because of its appearance.

Moreover, Woobat lives in the dark forests and caves in the Unova region. They prey on bugs and fruits Pokemon as well, definitely not harmful for humans! This adorable bat Pokemon should be in the first place though (when ranking their cuteness!). Its abilities are Klutz, Unaware, and a hidden ability of Simple.

Woobat’s statistics may not be the strongest, with 65 HP, 45 in attack, and 43 in defense, but surely they are the cutest! Also, absolutely quick with its speed of 72 and a special attack of 55.

9 Swoobat

Bat Pokemon Swoobat
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

An evolved form of Woobat, Swoobat makes its way to the 9th rank. Still has its cute heart-shaped nose, it is more noticeable to be a bat Pokemon. Swoobat’s body is larger than Woobat’s circle-shaped body, with its pointy ears and fangs, giving a more bat-like appearance.

Swoobat is still that joyful, happy, cute Psychic-Flying type of bat Pokemon. Its statistics didn’t increase much with 67 HP, 57 in attack, 55 in defense, yet became stronger with a 77 special attack and faster in 114 in speed. Its abilities include the same as Woobat, Klutz, Unaware, and Simple as its hidden ability.

8 Golbat

Bat Pokemon 10 Golbat
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

Introduced in Generation I, Golbat ranks 8th in this list of 10 best Bat Pokemons. This dual Poison-Flying type of Pokemon is known for its appearance of a blue-colored bat, a huge mouth, purple wings, thin legs, and long feet. They use their fangs to suck the blood of their enemies.

However, there are times when Golbat sucks too much blood which weakens them. Some Golbat species do not have fangs as they try to suck on Steel-type Pokemon which they cannot bite on. You can easily spot Golbats in dark caves.

Golbat statistics are fairly strong with 80 in attack, 75 HP, defense of 70, and its speed of 90. It has the same abilities with its evolved form, Inner Focus, and Infiltrator. Well, even better when it evolves to the next in this list!

7 Crobat

Bat Pokemon 9 Crobat
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

Golbat evolves to its next form, Crobat. Another Poison-Flying Pokemon type that ranks 7th on our list of the best Bat Pokemons which is introduced in Generation II of Pokemon. Crobat is a purple bat Pokemon, with a smaller mouth than Golbat, two pairs of wings of which the upper is larger than the lower, and its short legs.

Crobat sucks blood for food through its fangs and without it can become vulnerable and unable to fly. This Pokemon can fly for long durations as its wings are alternately used. Moreover, Crobat may be seen in dark caves, and even hanging on branches too.

Furthermore, Crobat’s statistics are better than Golbat’s with its 85 in attack, 90 in attack, 80 in defense, and it is very speedy with 130 in speed. Its abilities are Inner Focus and Infiltrator (hidden ability!).

6 Gligar

Bat Pokemon Gligar
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

We’re flying to our 6th rank in this best bat Pokemon list with Gligar. This Ground-Flying type of Pokemon may just be what you need in battling. Introduced in Generation II, this bat Pokemon, well you can say scorpion-like appearance with its round head and body, blue wings that connect under its arms. Its claws (more like pincers!) and tail are tipped and appear like a stinger. Their species are more of flying scorpions (terrifying, yup) but we added them here due to their bat-like characteristics!

You can find most of the Gligars in the mountain regions. Also, you might want to check out the cliffs. Its abilities are Hyper Cutter, Sand Veil, and its hidden ability of Immunity. Furthermore, Gligar is quite hard to defeat with its 105 defense, 85 speed, can attack too with 75, and HP of 65.

5 Gliscor

Bat Pokemon Gliscor
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

Now we enter our top 5 in our best bat Pokemon list with Gliscor, the evolved form of the earlier Gligar. Introduced in Generation IV, it is a Ground-Flying Pokemon and a Fang Scorp species. Gliscor appears as a huge, blue-colored bat with its tail having two stinger-like ends. It possesses its large pincers-like claw, yellow eyes, and sharp teeth, as well.

Gliscor flies silently and can be encountered in swamps and pine forests. This species is rarely found in the wild. You might want to try Gliscor in battles as it looks like a vampire ready to defeat its opponents, we’ll show you its stats.

Gliscor has the abilities of Sand Veil and Hyper Cutter just like Gligor. However, its hidden ability is Poison Heal. Gliscor is complimented with its 125 defense and 95 speed, with also its strengthened 95 in attack and 75 HP, Gliscor may be your favorite bat Pokemon (for now!).

4 Noibat

Bat Pokemon Noibat
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

This cute, little bat Pokemon enters 4th in our list, Noibat! It is a Flying-Dragon type of Pokemon that first appeared in Generation VI. A beast-like when battling but its appearance says the other way. It has purple wings with large yellow eyes, small feet, and huge ears on its head.

Noibat’s ears are for making ultrasonic waves that can communicate with its species or even weaken its prey. This adorable species likes to eat ripe fruit rather than sucking blood or preying on other species.

Its abilities are Frisk and Infiltrator, while its hidden ability is Telepathy. In addition, Noibat’s statistics are not quite strong with a 55 speed, 40 HP, 30, and 35 on attack and defense, respectively. But its ultrasonic wave is the game-changer!

3 Noivern

Bat Pokemon Noivern
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

Noibat evolves to its next form, Noivern, which snatches the 3rd rank on this list of best bat Pokemons. Also a Dragon-Flying type of Pokemon, it looks large and has more of a dragon-like appearance. It is known for its short and violent temper, however, you might want to give its favorite fruit to tame it!

Noivern’s outer fur is black, its huge, turquoise-colored in its inner wings, purple torso, red snout, and white fur around its neck, with a tail to complete its look. Similar to Noibat, it creates sound waves, yet stronger as it can reach dark spaces, and even break rock forms. Its abilities are Frisk and Infiltrator, with its hidden Telepathy, same as Noibat too.

We just have to love the statistics of this powerful Noivern! An 85 HP, 70 in attack, 80 defense, and speed of 123. It can easily defeat smaller Pokemons than itself. Additionally, huge damage of 97 in special attack and 80 in special defense? Noivern is terrifying to encounter!

2 Zubat

Bat Pokemon Zubat
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

Holding the title of the first bat in Pokemon, Zubat ranks 2nd in our list as the best bat Pokemon. From the actual origin of bat Pokemons in the game to become the ones that everyone hates, Zubat is a Poison-Flying type of Pokemon whose ability is Inner Focus and a hidden Infiltrator.

Zubat’s appearance is a bat that is blue in color, with a short and round body and purple wings. It has the most resemblance to bats with its pointy ears and sharp teeth. Also, Zubat is literally everywhere and you can easily spot a flock when you go into a cave.

Zubat can literally be addressed as a vampire bat. Most of the time they hide in the dark caves, however, when trained it can be used in broad daylight too (though with a lesser risk of burning).

This bat Pokemon does not have the best statistics with its 55 speed, 40 HP, 45 and 35 attack and defense, respectively. However, its echolocation is a major help for them to navigate!

1 Lunala

Bat Pokemon Lunala
Image courtesy of Pokémon Wiki

Now we’re reaching the top 1 spot in our best Bat Pokemon, and is no other than Lunala! This Psychic-Ghost introduced in Generation VII and is the final evolved form of Cosmog. While its ability is its Shadow Shield.

This large bat Pokemon appears to have dark pink eyes, a short nose, a hood that is shaped like a crescent moon, and may look like a legless bat, but she sure is beautiful to look at! Her head also changes to different starscapes.

Lunala’s statistics are truly outstanding with its 137 HP and special attack, 113 in attack, 89 defense, 107 special defense, and 97 speed. She can turn light to energy when absorbed too!

Okay, Trainers, that’s it for us. Who are your top 10 best bat Pokemons? Share it below!

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SOURCE: My Otaku World, Pokémon Wiki