11 Bit Studios, the indie video game development company situated in Poland which is responsible for games like This War of Mine, Beat Cop and Frostpunk have recently tweeted out something from their official Frostpunk twitter account.

It has been some months since the game was released on the PC. The developers were hopeful that it would succeed and needless to say, it came out as a huge hit with peak scores which substantially added to its popularity.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic alternate 19th century where a volcanic eruption has led to a climatic shift, turning the world into a frozen wasteland. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, London fell and a group of survivors flee the city and march north to obtain large reserves of coal and to seek shelter. During the expedition, a small group of the party is separated from the main group but managed to elude death as they miraculously come across a colossal generator within a crater on the surface.

The game puts the players in-charge of constructing a settlement and balancing the economy efficiently in order to create a livable environment for the last children of the earth, under the constant heat of the generator.

Despite its success, people have regularly complained over its scripted scenario and the need for an ‘endless mode’ or a ‘sandbox mode’ which would allow the players to build without restrictions. Perhaps, this expectation will be met this time. Or maybe the developers are focusing on a new DLC. Either way, this is something one could not easily ignore or predict.

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